Riders to watch for 2011

With riders starting training camps and getting their new 2011 kit, who are the ones to watch out for next year? Here’s a selection of a few names, it is not so much an exhaustive list as a personal watchlist. Thibaut Pinot (left) is one to watch Sometimes riders can show something special, only to … Read more

The Fear of Winning

A scary moment? In recent interviews the likes of Dan Martin and Richie Porte have both expressed a similar idea: a fear of winning. In the recent Tour of Poland Dan Martin confessed to being uncomfortable with the lead and the pressure that came with it. We saw a visible example in the 2009 Dauphiné … Read more

Porte’s Contract Poker

Featuring an interview with Richie Porte, the great Real Peloton podcast touched on a curious story that’s worth a peek. Not so rich now Richie Richie Porte has a standard neo-pro two year contract with Bjarne Riis that ends after the 2011 season. Only with the stellar season he’s had, he got dollar-signs in his … Read more

Secret Agents

Mr 10% It’s a good time to be a rider agent. These figures work behind the scenes to negotiate contracts for their riders, arranging everything from the job in the first place to negotiating side deals, for example with a sunglasses or shoe supplier. Why’s it so good right now? Well, first is that it’s … Read more