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Looking for an ad opportunity to reach informed English-speaking cycling fans around the world? There is space for one advert. Read on if you’d like to know more.

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Pro Cycling As The Shop Window

From the earliest days in the sport there’s been a close link between cycle manufacturers and teams. Marketing and sponsorship played a big part in the sport’s development as companies sought to prove their wares could withstand long distance races to convince consumers that they could ride to the factory or field without problem.

In recent years there’s been a revival with the Cervélo test team and now Argos-Shimano and Cannondale will be joined by Trek in 2014. But are pro cyclists being left on the outside when it comes to having the best gear?

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Thanks to Velo Veneto

Every sponsor of this site gets a note of thanks and it’s now time to say thanks to travel company Velo Veneto who are here for May. The company offers a range of trips to Italy and beyond with a focus on the Dolomites.

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Dirk Hofman

Do you enjoy this site? It’s read by intelligent cycling fans with currently well over half a million page loads per month, a number that keeps on growing.

There is space on here for one advert. The ad space for May is booked with a new sponsor timed for the Giro. But the summer of cycling continues and June and July are is available.

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Thanks to Seven Cycles

Seven Cycles are advertising for February and it’s a custom to say thanks in public for their support. The US framebuilder is here for a month with their ad on the top right of the page. They offer a range of custom built carbon, titanium and steel frames and to find out more, click on the ad to visit their site and learn more. You’ll land on a custom page, a nice touch.

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Garmin’s Genius

Last year’s video of Christophe Le Mevel soaring above the snowline was a good video and now Garmin have a fresh advert for their new devices featuring their team’s riders and of course the features of the product.

This blog isn’t in the habit of hosting ads for free nor wowing because a rider endorses a product. But a quick note about this clever promotion that explains the product but also exploits the obvious links to the team, famous riders and reaches out to the fans. Why isn’t every other cycling sponsor doing the same?

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Advertise on The Inner Ring

The website’s been well supported by Selle Italia in recent times but all good things come to an end and there will soon be space for someone else to follow in the slipstream of Strada Wheels, Competitive Cyclist, Seven Cycles, Ride Cycle Review and Selle Italia.

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Thanks to Selle Italia

Selle Italia factory

Enjoying the blog? If you’re visiting these pages for then note Selle Italia is sponsoring this website and without them the coverage would not be the same. So this is chance for an infomercial and to give another message of thanks to them.

Their sponsorship has helped directly, for example if you enjoy the “the moment the race was won” pieces then the action photos are paid for and the Selle Italia revenue helps offset the cost.

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Team TV Adverts

That’s the youtube version of the advert showing on French TV for Accor Hotels, the French hotel operator. The company is a co-sponsor of the Europcar team and they’ve linked the team with their ad campaign. Hopefully the production didn’t cost much.

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