Cipollini Saves The Day

Bored of USADA and the UCI? Here’s Mario Cipollini.

Yes it’s an advert but surely only Cipollini can pull off a stunt like this. Even in retirement he remains one of the most charismatic figures in pro cycling.

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  1. Thanks for sharing that. Super Mario! What a character. Too bad cycling doesn’t have any personalities like his at present. Egomaniac? Certainly. But one with a sense of humor who can have a joke at his own expense. If I wanted a plastic bicycle, his 100% Made in Italy frames would be a top choice.

  2. At the end of the season, Marion obviously decided he had to do it all by himself once more as a team of Italian pranksters dressed in fluorescent yellow didn’t give his bikes sufficient brand exposure 😉
    great video!

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  4. You can ride with Cippo two times a week. He use to ride together with a couple of friends around the Lucca – Pisa – Viareggio area in Tuscany. Many cyclist joins him and his friends during theese rides, it often ends up with a really big bunch, interrupting the traffic on the roads, before they decide to stop for an espresso!
    By the way, the climb in the video, it looks like one of the climbs around the marble caves nearby Massa or Carrara in Tuscany. Does anybody know the name of the climb?

    Viva Cippo!

  5. Met the man himself, incognito in Borough Market in London about 5 years ago. I’m sure in Italy he would’ve been mobbed, there, no one recognised him. He kinda stuck out like a sore thumb being 6’4″ and keeping himself in great nick. [/man crush]

  6. Super Mario totally over the top as usual! love it. Anyone who appears on the podium in a white Armani suit gets my vote any day. Guess I need to save some pennies now.

  7. So that’s how USADA got hold of the Armstrong evidence!!! I was hoping to see Cipo in his Porsche drive past Pozzato and his Ferrari!!!

  8. i miss Il Rei Lione as much as the next guy, but that was awful … and not in that “Michael Bay Transformers awful” way … 7 minutes of poorly thought out chase scenes, non-sensical footage of over-the-top luxury items all tied together with little or no thought to sequence, plot, or continuity (yes, i’m in the ad business) …

    i think he blew his yearly R&D budget on this, even with DMT, Porsche, Ducatti, and Wally chipping in for product placement …

  9. Haha I loveed it. Who would have thought the Lion King can fly a chopper…is there anything this man cannot do??

    Also I do like the look of his new ‘Bond’ bike, stunning!

  10. Thank god for this man! “I’m bringing sexy back” Cipo4life! Remember haters that theres no crying in cycling. Style and a little attitude! Whens the last time anyone willingly paid a fine in todays pelaton?

  11. My question is, what does everyone think of the bike? or has Cipo and his acting skills overshadowed what he is actually trying to sell 🙂

    • Forget about the movie… Watch the “beyond the scene” on his website. The movie, when he is filmed from behind is awesome. The motorist slides his tyres several times. I think our new Bond Cipollini has a dead wish… I know he has descended this road multiple times and the road was (partly) blocked, but all the same he shows incredible skills..

  12. Particularly enjoyed the 2 Behind The Scenes vids! Been thinking seriously of one of his steeds for my next bike! Long live Super Mario! Living large, like a boss!!!

  13. When Mario gets out on his bike he crusing up and down the beach roads at Marina di Carrara and Forte dei Marmi. No helmet, armless sleeves. Looking like the lion king that he always been.

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