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Selle Italia factory

Enjoying the blog? If you’re visiting these pages for then note Selle Italia is sponsoring this website and without them the coverage would not be the same. So this is chance for an infomercial and to give another message of thanks to them.

Their sponsorship has helped directly, for example if you enjoy the “the moment the race was won” pieces then the action photos are paid for and the Selle Italia revenue helps offset the cost.

Otherwise there are indirect effects, for example motivating me to look for stories, trawl through rulebooks or even Swiss law. More fun, it’s helped get me on the road to check out key stages of the Tour de France. Something several pro teams didn’t manage.

Selle is Italian for “saddle” and along the way the company has provided seats for Merckx, Moser, Pantani and others. Founded outside Milan in 1897, today the company is based in the Treviso area of Italy in a modern factor pictured above. I wrote about the concentration of cycling shoe makers in the region before (“Italy’s backwards shoemakers“) and Selle Italia is only a short walk from the Sidi and Gaerne factories as well as others. It makes sense when you think about it as early saddles and cycling shoes shared the same manufacturing tradition, namely leather goods that needed skill to shape and stitch the final product together.

There’s a concious decision to keep advertising to a minimum, I don’t want a page of flashing adverts so there is only one ad at a time. So thanks again to Selle Italia for their support. Mille grazie.

Selle Italia

35 thoughts on “Thanks to Selle Italia”

  1. You have done well to keep advertising at a minimum as well as keep it on point. After 7 months of blogging I have just started looking into the advertising avenue as a way to offset the running costs I have so far experienced without wanting to turn my blog into an ugly, flashing, overbearing ad-fest! Trying to stick to the less is more and target advertising route and will see how things go, though I’d rather not have any adverts at all! It’s good that you have backing of cycling related organisations and products though!

  2. Thanks for all the great coverage INRNG! Your site is first rate through and through. Also I love my Selle Italia Turbomatic Team Editions!

  3. I have a 20 year old Selle Italia Turbomatic saddle that is still my favorite. Thank you Selle Italia from the bottom of my … you know … bottom.

    • Very smart acquisition for Selle, excellent saddles.

      Great blog, btw. I love that the right hand side is not cluttered with sponsors…. they slows things down and detracts from he stories at hand. Very pro.

  4. Rode with a Selle for years…now I am cheating on you with another brand but I may come back. Thank you for sponsoring this site and for the great products.

  5. Selle Italia Max Flite keeps my ass happy!
    I’m still figuring out which part of me is kept happy
    with! Methinks it shifts around my body
    with a roll of the dice, depending on the article!

  6. Great site – definitive, detailed, well-researched information. Glad you get some backing from such good companies as Selle Italia.
    A tiny quibble – you’ve more than once translated “selle” as “saddle”. My understanding is that it’s the plural “saddles” – (sella (fem.), selle (plural)).
    Never mind – please keep informing us!

  7. It’s quite nice to read the comments here. With the proliferation and infiltration of advertising into every aspect of life, it’s difficult not to be hostile towards it in general. This site is a pleasant reminder that carefully chosen and honest adverts, promoting companies who build reliable products, can actually be a positive addition.

  8. Amazing how many readers love to nit-pick you on your occasional grammar and spelling. WHO CARES!

    Inner Ring is the best cycling website there is. No question. Thanks Selle Italia. I have enjoyed my flite titanium saddle for over 10 years now, can’t let it go.

  9. After trying many different saddles over the years, I finally found one that is super comfortable – Selle Italia Maxflite gel flow. Thanks Selle Italia for supporting my favourite blog.
    Thanks Inner Ring; keep up the good work!

  10. I echo the comments of appreciation for the Blog – among my 3 “must visit” daily sites (along with podium cafe & cycling tips).

    Also applause to Selle Italia both for support of the blog and their excellent products (have been on 3 sequential SLR iterations). My one quibble, why did they stop producing the multiple colors of the old SLR? I have a white Time VXR (red & blue accents) with blue bar tape and the old blue version complemented the color scheme perfectly! When I became aware they were restricting their new SLR production to black or white, I had to stock-pile a couple of SLR carbonio in the blue. Please bring back the multiple color options! Black too plain and white impossible to keep looking good (esp. if you adhere to the Velominati rules and pair with white bar tape)!

  11. I have 3 bikes and my 3 seats are Selle Italia. Selle has been my choise for years and will be for many many more.
    Thanks for support the good cycling press.
    Andrés O.
    Caracas, Venezuela

  12. It’s great that a big brand (in cycling terms) sees the value in supporting an independent blog. Like many commenters I have been sitting on Selle Italai saddles for years and feel good that the brand is making an effort to connect with users rather than just printing ads in mags. Just looking at the stream of comments above shows that the strategy is working. Many brands would give their eye teeth for such a positive response to running an ad. (PS: you don’t fancy running an ad on my triathlon blog do you, Selle Italia? 😉 )

  13. I’m just about to replace the saddle on my favourite bike. Lots of good saddles out there so hard to choose but the advert on here swung it for me. Selle Italia it is then.

    Now I just have to find someone who has one of the new SLR Flow or Flite Flow saddles in. They seem quite different to last year’s models.

  14. Great to hear about continued support for an independant site! Keep up the good work Selle!

    how about a Selle ‘INRG ….moment the race was won’ saddle then? Ltd Edtion of course.

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