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Dirk Hofman

Do you enjoy this site? It’s read by intelligent cycling fans with currently well over half a million page loads per month, a number that keeps on growing.

There is space on here for one advert. The ad space for May is booked with a new sponsor timed for the Giro. But the summer of cycling continues and June and July are is available.

What do you get? See the box on the top right occupied by the ad for Seven Cycles, a recent sponsor. The specification is as follows:

  • A 240x240px ad across all pages
  • It’s your space for static or dynamic content
  • Content can be rotated as often as you like
  • The RSS and email feed gets a “sponsored by” footer with your branding
  • Monthly booking is preferred, longer periods available
  • An advertorial message on the blog and Twitter to say thanks for sponsoring

Above all you get to support this blog. There are tech costs, photo accounts and more. Just as a bicycle needs to move forward to stay up, this site needs income to keep going.

Who do you reach?

  • 100,000 unique users and 550,000 page loads a month coming for pro cycling news, comment and chat
  • More than 29,000 followers on Twitter
  • 4,400 subscribers via RSS and email
  • English-speaking readers in USA, UK, Australia and Canada, then various European nations

Past sponsors include Ride Cycle Review, Selle Italia, Competitive Cyclist, NeilPryde Bikes, Strada Wheels and Seven Cycles.

If you or your business are interested and would like to learn more or make a booking, please get in touch by email and we’ll take things from there.


18 thoughts on “Sponsor inrng.com”

  1. I spoke to the boys from Strada Wheels at the Bristol be-spoke custom bike show – wouldn’t have heard of them otherwise. They seem to be doing very well these days.

    I’m guessing Prendas Ciclismo is up next by the looks of twitter. A perfect fit I reckon…..

  2. see the report on cyclingnews on the value of sponsorship…. I have thought for a while that the sport as a whole trades at a massive discount (probably due to the cheaty/druggy taint that the UCI has allowed to fester in it’s desperation not to rock the boat). The only way for cycling is up, and as a high quality premium product you should prosper also Inrng, even if you have to endure 4 more years of the anchor drag that is McQuaid/Verbruggen….

    • Hi, I’ve been looking into this. I’d prefer to sell the ads on a regular basis as it could make for a dependable stream of revenue against which I can match expenditure. I think donations could be generous but later dry up once people have done their bit. But it’s still an avenue.

      Besides taking money via Paypal accounts is not very fashionable right now.

        • No problem. For what it’s worth, I’m keep an eye on what’s happening with the Kimmage Fund. I wrote about it when it got going and welcomed the idea at the time. Just as I updated on the fundraising, I watching the story closely now.

      • I don’t see a reason why one excludes the other. And especially if you make clear how the money is put to good use, I think there are many that would donate multiple times. There aren’t a lot of sites I would keep frequenting if they’d start to ask money, but this is one of them.

        • What about annual subscription? It seems to be the way current free newspaper/media sites are heading. It needn’t be much if run in conjunction with advertising.

          • I’ll consider it but If I can sell ad space, then the revenue will cover everything. It’s my fault, to sell something you need to work at it and I’m not pitching the ad space at people and companies. My time is limited and it gets spent on writing rather than marketing. But it’s working out for now.

            Thanks to all for their support.

  3. The go to site for informed cycling information throughout the interwebverse. The best blog by far. Your followers would chip in. Jees, i pay what $5/pcm for strava to inform me my power is 150W, but that would go up to 180 at least if i bought some of the new Strada imported rail wheels. Interesting that they (he) hosted the site – as i accidentally spoke to the MD about some tech issue with 11-speed and was a thoroughly nice guy. want those wheels even more now!

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