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There are different ways to follow this blog, most browse the website but some use the RSS feed and this is an admin message for anyone who is reading this by email subscription.

The feed is provided by Feedburner, a company Google bought and they’re switching off the email subscription feature soon. But the feed is changing to a new provider so you shouldn’t have to do anything.

The email’s never been something pushed here in part because the formatting was clunky, Feedburner didn’t blend text and images very well. But if you’re reading this by email now you might get overlapping emails for a day or two as the new service replaces the old one and the messages might look different.

The new service is with and as well as the basic email service they offer more, including the ability to customise the feed you get and more, they seem to be working on a service to deliver to more than email, there’s Telegram already but WhatsApp, Chrome, Facebook Messenger are coming apparently.

But the blog website itself is still the best place to visit. Blogging is a bit old, the word even sounds retro, a relic from the past like a Powertap hub or a Jens Voigt attack. But it still works, it’s a more open format than the current fashion for subscribing to emails on substack, which feels one-way with messages pushed out at the sender’s time of choice. Here habitual readers can browse when they want rather, engage in comments and share information; new readers might land following a Google search for the Rodania sound, the Colle Fauniera or Ineos’s budget or any other random subject.

11 thoughts on “Admin For Email Subscribers”

  1. Medium and by extension blogging is alive and kicking, headed by no other than founder of Twitter. That said, Substack does have a function for people to pay to participate in discussions. Personally I don’t mind doing that or our host should at least consider a Patreon page.

  2. I’ve still got a reliable PowerTap G3 that I used this morning on the rollers. I miss Jens and other subalterns of the JVA.

    //INRNG is the first search of the morning and coming here to read about bike racing. Long May it continue

  3. I love this website. I don’t normally post, I love the history, quirky stories and race/stage previews.

    Please continue to blog. The season just wouldn’t be the same without you.

  4. I read via RSS on feedly – clicking through to the blog when its been an interesting stage and I’d like to read the comments.
    I also click through when the embedded images don’t come through and I can’t help myself to see what the *Embed from Getty Images* is

  5. I agree with the above posters. This blog provides a lot of interpretation and nuance to the sport. It’s one of the first sites I check during the race season.

  6. Same here, been reading for years but never really post but love the race (p)reviews, comments of other readers, the roads to ride and original takes on subjects that I normally don’t read about. So thanks for all the many hours I enjoyed reading your blog!!

    Ps, can’t be a coincidence but when I stepped out the door today I saw a guy passing my street wearing the INRNG jersey… I will wear mine tomorrow but i was wondering if they will be made available again online someday? I would love to get a new one

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