Tour of Flanders build up (Nieuwsblad adverts)

I love this video. Even if it is from last year and includes scenes from the Kapelmuur which is no longer on the climb it shows Flanders waking up on a Sunday morning in anticipation of the race. It is a huge day for many in the country, the biggest sporting event of the year.

The Kapelmuur is no longer in the race and the route has changed substantially for 2012. Hopefully everyone has worked out that the route has been changed for 2012…

Both videos public Het Nieuwsblad, the Flemish newspaper.

14 thoughts on “Tour of Flanders build up (Nieuwsblad adverts)”

  1. Absolutely all over the place in my office cause the fact that De Ronde is comming up messes my head year after year. Plenty of work postponed for Sunday morning (the old killing-time-until-coverage- trick).

    @ Megacountax A piece of advice for first time sportive/wielertoeristen participants: beware of the snakes in Vlaanderen – they bite [snake-bite] and keep tyre presure between 7,5- 8 bar if you are 75-85 kg and riding in dry conditions, this recommended by Andrea Taffi i 2002 during a training session followed by the words about riding the flat cobble sections: “either you do 50 Kph – or you do nothing”, said with his Italian accent and a huge grin on his face.

    GAME ON!

  2. I rode the RVV sportive last year. It was brilliant, despite riding like a square wheeled donkey on the kaissen. This year I’ll be watching the race from a local bar which is showing the race and laying on frites and Leffe. Not quite as good as being there, but almost.

  3. Being Flemish, but living in London, I’ve ritually booked my Eurostar tickets ‘home’ just to see the race. The Tour of Flanders is the most important day of my year. It’s more then just ‘a race’, and I think that the Nieuwsblad clip shows that pretty well.

    More about Flanders. This stuff should be translated into English, and the 2nd and final part is also missing, but it’s definitely worth checking, as it gives a good ‘feel’ about the atmosphere.

    Can’t wait, may the best rider win! Leve de Ronde!

  4. I can’t speak flemish but who cares luv the 2nd video watching live from down under
    can’t wait to experience live one day
    Bring it on

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