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I’ve been away for the last two weeks and in my absence cued up series of posts including a caption competition for the above photo from

I had to reach back in time to find this photo as normally not much happens at this time of year. Little did I know Alberto Contador would jump out of a plane during this time providing many caption-worthy photos.

For me the winning comment was OJT:

McQuaid: Where should I aim?
Di Luca: I don’t care, just try to avoid your foot this time

There were many other good ones and I’m glad the prize was a mere hat and not something too consequential as it would get harder to judge.

OJT please get in touch via email and I’ll send you the Skoda hat in the post.

4 thoughts on “Caption competition winner”

  1. No question – OJT’s caption was by far the best, no matter what the prize – so if you have that Colnago with Campagnolo Super Record in his size, go ahead and send it to him.

  2. Thank you thank you! I am only just catching up after time away from the blog and I shall email soonest.

    On a related note, Riis’s winter public relations campaign does deserve a lot of credit. He’s handling the CAS case superbly. His only realistic option was to stand by Alberto Contador publicly but he’s done way more than that.

    How many other team bosses would (or even could) combine the team building aspects of a winter training camp with a photo opportunity between a rider under serious levels of suspicion and a Nobel Peace Prize winner? PR doesn’t get much bigger. Contador handing a signed jersey to Shimon Peres. Who saw that one coming a year ago? I thought he’d be serving a ban by now, hiding from the press! More fool me…

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