Pro cycling column

Pro Cycling Magazine kindly asked if I’d write a piece for them about the use of Twitter in the sport and you can read my thoughts in the latest version of the magazine (edition 159).

You’ll have to buy the magazine to read it, especially since the column is more than 140 characters long.


9 thoughts on “Pro cycling column”

  1. Being a “fan” it was the first thing I read, Informative article, your final comment re print media/electronic media is spot on, I have just re-subscribed to Procycling for just the reasons you state. Have you had an increase in hits since the magazine’s publication?

  2. If I was in the USA or UK I might sneak a read in the bookstore, otherwise I find little of interest in most print mags these days with ONE exception, ROULEUR. That one I pay the high cost for because a) I like it and b) it’s one of the few where one can still find well-written articles by folks who get paid to write them. No offense to the ‘Ring here but far too many of these rags pay little to nothing to writers so end up with articles written by hacks who do it just to see their name in print or promote something else they’re involved in – neither makes for enjoyable reading. I’ll have a nice stack of them waiting back home in the fall, but good writing is timeless.

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