A picture says a 1000 words

They say a picture says a thousand words and I think this one from cyclingnews.com says plenty.

We have Alberto Contador in a yellow jersey branded with the Discovery channel, UCI President Pat McQuaid holding a gun, Danilo Di Luca winner and the man in the grey suit is Jan Jannsen, the first Dutchman to win the Tour de France.

The photo is from the Surhuisterveen post-Tour de France criterium in 2007. Why does the picture say so much? Well for starters I find the image of McQuaid smiling whilst holding a gun is amusing. Yes I know it’s a start gun. But it’s not just McQuaid, because Contador’s nickname is El Pistolero and Di Luca is “the Killer of Spoltore”.

It’s all smiles in 2007 but today the UCI is currently appealing the Spanish verdict to clear Alberto Contador and the governing body could put an end to the Spaniard’s career. Danilo Di Luca is less cheerful these days after he was caught doping in the 2009 Giro d’Italia. Also these post-Tour races are rigged and that’s partly why you have the Tour and Giro winners wearing the leaders jerseys, so they are easily recognisable for the crowd in this piece of celebrity sport-theatre. And we have Jan Janssen as a reminder of the past, a way to remind us just how important history and legend is in cycling. One quick snap says a lot, no?

Caption Competition time

But it is competition time and the final word goes to you. The prize is a Skoda hat, unworn and as new, this is given out at the Tour de France and can often be spotted on well-dressed French farmers.

Leave a caption below in the comments that suits the picture, preferably a witty one, and upon my return I’ll pick the winner and post the prize anywhere in the world.

51 thoughts on “A picture says a 1000 words”

  1. “Hot-Air” McQuaid is saying to “The Killer” and “Il Pistolero”– “Don’t worry boys, you just keep those payments coming in to that bank around the corner from the UCI HQ in Switzerland and I’ll make sure you have no trouble with passing the dope tests. Just ask BigTex!” Jansen has just realized they’ve been photographed by someone holding a tape recorder along with their camera.

  2. “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”….

    (John S pretty much stole what came to my mind first of all – Pat de McCourcey and all that)

  3. Pat -“Here’s how it works Danilo, left hand has the gun and the right hand is in Alberto’s pocket.”
    Jan -“Same sh*t, different day.”

    Note the journo standing in the back, oblivious to all this.

  4. The effects of an unexpected decree issued at the 2007 Surhuisterveen criterium allowing firearms in a UCI sanctioned cycling event proved to be more than a laughing matter for many.

  5. Big Flat Patty (as known to other wise-guys), one of the few who can threaten to kill you if you don’t let the other guy win, while sporting a creepy grin!!!

  6. Another ill fitting post tour crit yellow jersey… weird I noticed it this year with Cadel. His jersey was like a sail in those post tour crits.

    “Three smiling assassins and one not so smiley assassin”

  7. Pat says “I have you in my sights Albert” If I win please feel free to auction the hat for charity I have a drawer full. Anecdote, wearing a Skoda hat whilst on holiday in Spain a couple of years ago I was told that I must have a lot of nerve :- by a fellow Brit trying to sell me a time share would you believe!!!

  8. Contador: I think you are taking our nicknames a bit too literally.
    McQuaid: Bugger. I’ll just have to think of something else to “make the racing more interesting”.

  9. DiLuca: Who is that in the yellow jersey ?
    McQuaid: Oh ! That’s my new pupil, i am sure he will grow up just like you.
    DiLuca: That’s great but why you are holding a gun ?
    McQuaid: It’s the new policy, everytime i go in public, i have to shoot myself in the foot.
    Jenssen: Where could i have left that stack of pot belge ?
    Journalist: And they all just think that I invent those things.
    Boonen: OH! Look what i found there !!!!

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