A few small pieces from the weekend that are worth mentioning but to short to warrant a full piece.


Does the angelic face on the right look familiar?

It’s the less than angelic Alexander Vinokourov. The Astanfans website offers a great read about Vinokourov’s past. As well as some amusing early-life photos and reports of a carrot-heavy diet, it mentions that “as a child, Alexander collected stamps, used to be a philatelist, and dreamt to be a manager“. A change from the common boyish ambitions of becoming racing driver or cosmonaut but it’s notably more realistic. He is set for a final season in 2012 and could well take on managerial role with the Astana team beyond this.

Le Coq Sportif

Le Coq Sportif Velo

The French brand is going to be the jersey sponsor for the 2012 Tour de France but they are branching out into other parts of the sport, including Italian vintage competition L’Eroica. Their campaign is very reminiscent of London outfit Rapha, complete with “men getting ready to ride” photography that mysteriously glamorises putting a wheel into a frame. This time though it’s very much in colour. I’m not here to publicise them but the photography and music suggests the Tour de France yellow jersey might get a makeover… and that a truckload of Tour de France merchandise is coming down the line.

Disk jocks


I’ve reviewed podcasts on here before (put podcast into the search feature on the right) but many seem to come and go, partly because it requires a lot of effort to make notes, get the recording right, edit it and then make money just to cover the costs. The Velocast was an early favourite, in part thanks to the relaxed vocals of Scottish presenters John and Scott who sounded like broadcast pros. But it stopped, although they’ve kept a regular presence on the internet, especially via Twitter.

Now they are back to podcasting. Episode one sees them muse over various things in the world of cycling, from pro racing to new bikes. But the format is different as they do it whilst playing music they like in between different segments. It’s just like listening to a radio show.

The thing with music is that it’s personal, you can share a love of cycling but musical tastes vary so this might not please everyone. But the enjoyment of cycling and music is quite audible and it’s worth checking out. If your musical tastes don’t match, the classic format of John and Scott talking without music is in the works for 2012.

It’s available via iTunes too.

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  1. Re: Le Coq Sportif: Think archive. Remember that until Nike came into the game they owned the jersies, from 1950 to 1986. That’s a lot of history to play with in terms of tribute/inspired by versions. Actually I might write something about that. They’ve done some very interesting archive trawls already for inspiration,

  2. Re Vino. Ah yes, the innocence of youth where does it go to. Re Le Coq Sportif. Good news, seems more “right” to have a French name on the TDF jerseys, but I don’t go for this retro stuff if you were there first time round it doesn’t have the appeal somehow. As an aside on retro, I have a 1976 Peugeot wool jersey, team issue for the tour that year, made by Bovis of Paris, it has shrunk too small to wear now, also my own Jeux GA team issue kit (acrylic/flock) all incredibly uncomfortable to wear those chamois inserts and legs that rode up all the time ughhh.

  3. You can knock Rapha all you want, but the truth is that the companies that hold the legacy of the past haven’t got a clue as to what to do with it. If Rapha hadn’t shown these companies how to mine the past and connect with the heritage of cycling, they (Le Coq) wouldn’t have a clue as to how to reconnect with the cycling public through their legacy. Now let’s see if Le Coq can actually create a quality product.

  4. Alex Murray: true and we’ll see how this ties in with the Tour. They are going for the retro theme via L’Eroica it seems.

    bikecellar: the wool tops are special. I was given a Renault-Elf one and it’s very warm. Hard to imagine racing but a useful layer.

    regsf: I’ve mocked Rapha in the past after they’ve made genuine mistakes (put Rapha in the search box and see) but not the brand itself, they’ve done a good job.

    Jack: yes, it is strange that so many sites do this. The worst offenders are often Italian because they add flash and as much complication as possible. See or for examples!

  5. I searched your site and yes, they’ve made some gaffes. But I still maintain they’re connecting the dots better than most. Have you seen their books on the Alpes and Pyrenees? Gorgeous. But you’re right, If you’re going to go down this road thematically, read all the road signs. The one thing I find somewhat awkward is the tenor of their cycling videos. I get what they’re trying to do, the videography is beautiful, but there’s a certain pretense that feels odd. Thanks for a great blog.

  6. Thanks for the link to the Vino article–fascinating! The English translation leaves out a gem from the original, though: the interviewer asked about when Vino’s test came back positive during the ’07 TdF, and asked if they’d had to give him a sedative. “What sedative?” his dad replied. “We both just drank 100g [of vodka].”

  7. I dunno about the Rapha stuff, Santini (disclosure: they supply CycleItalia’s kit) was doing retro stuff when the Rapha boyz were barely off their tricycles. not to mention cutting-edge modern kit. I’m happy to see Nike exit the scene in any case. While the quality might be excellent Rapha comes across to me as a wannabee Assos. They’ve got no history or heritage, but they figure they can sort of make it up and capture those MAMILS (middle aged men in lycra) who’ve put away their golf clubs and tennis rackets and taken up road cycling. More proof that cycling’s “the new golf” as the marketing mavens like to point out.

  8. Thanks for the mention in the hallowed halls of Inner Ring Towers! Seriously it’s much appreciated.

    You are right, music is a very personal thing and we’re hoping that people will treat it just as you have; like a radio show and zone in and out as you feel necessary.

    The longer form discussion show will be back ahead of the 2012 season (and maybe much more besides). Here ends the party political broadcast on behalf of the VeloCast Party 😉

    For what it’s worth, the Inner Ring is my favourite cycling website and is a must -read for me every day. Keep up the, annoyingly, good work!



  9. Found your site through a Twitter item and enjoying the stories i have seen todate ! Hope when you see my blogs you will mke ” links ” available .

    Will be interested to see what ” Le Tour ” omes up with for 2012 considering they are covering the Giro d’Italia’s ” Maglia Rosa ” with ” tweets ” , can you blieve they are serious ?

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