Podcast reviews, an update

In the English-speaking world it’s rare to find sports radio dedicated to pro cycling. Downloadable podcasts are a good alternative, if not better since you choose when you want to listen.

I’ve reviewed several podcasts before, see the list below for the full details, including URLs. A reader was asking for an update to this and it feels like a good time to do it since things have moved on.

Real Peloton: this is still going and is one of my favourites. The insider/outsider theme with commentators Rendell and Boulting often works well, Boulting not having a cycling background but you can hear how he’s learnt plenty in the last year alone. At times it’s been frustrating but being a long term fan I seem to forgive the technical problems and occasional nonsense.

NY Velocity + Cyclocosm: still a stream on iTunes but don’t press refresh and expect something to appear that often. The NYV “Bickering with Pickering” series featuring Cyclesport’s Ed Pickering has been dropped and these days it’s quiet, the same for Cosmo Catalano’s Cyclocosm. But the guys at NY Velocity run a great website and Cyclocosm’s race reviews are brilliant so I’m still pressing refresh.

cyclingnews.com: it’s improved in quality since my first review… only to diminish in quantity. It’s still been an audio round-up of news, as opposed to debate or chat which means you can get bored by previous results but generally it’s improved. The last edition appeared in November and hopefully the start of the 2011 season will see this re-emerge.

The Velocast: it’s gone. I enjoyed the jovial Scottish chat, behind the jokes and smooth talking the pair often cut right through to the heart of the issues and had a real passion for the sport. The only consolation is that one of them has returned with the Sofa Boy chronicles. A more personal take rather than a regular review, it’s a different proposition but I enjoy it, perhaps because I got a taste from the Velocast; newcomers might find it different.

Perhaps spotting the gap left by the Velocast, the Velo Club Don Logan took over. You’ll find a similar mix, perhaps with a bit more sarcasm and chat.

The Fredcast + The Spokesmen: still going and still not quite for me. But give them a go.

RTL-L’Equipe: another favourite of mine, only it’s in French. Now available as a podcast, this is an actual radio show from France and amusing. Sometimes the studio chemistry works but sometimes the voices can sound a bit angry.

Cervélo-Beyond the Peloton: a classic. The video documentary is a must-see for me. It’s stopped but the content is still worth watching. It can be a touch repetitive at times but that’s if you view more than one episode at a time. Hopefully due for a comeback, as it’s a great marketing tool, a way to showcase the bikes and team to fans.

Resonance FM: eclectic as ever, I’ll download this and dip in an out. It covers everything on two wheels from advocacy to pro cycling and broadcaster Jack Thurston does a fine job to make it all good listening.

Real Peloton and RTL-L’Equipe are still my favourites. But like music, podcast taste is bound to be personal. As such the reviews aren’t really about my tastes, more a chance to bring all this audio content to your attention. Give them a try and see what you think.

Finally, I’d be grateful if you have any suggestions for new podcasts, leave a comment or send an email.

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  1. Check out the procyclinglive.com podcast, available on itunes or the website. We get phone ins from fans and pro interviews intertwined with out our wittering. And yes, I’m shamelessly plugging my own podcast!!

  2. The Competitors is a radio show from San Diego, California. The two hosts interview figures from the world of endurance sports including greats from the world of cycling. They’ve interviewed Lance, Vaughters, both Phinney’s, and too many more to count. They’ve done a good amount with doping interviewing David Walsh, Michael Ashendon, Betsy Andreau, Greg LeMond, etc. This show is a gold mine, especially the archives. Its available on iTunes.

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