Van Poppel in your mind

Van Poppel and Sastre
Full gas, one more time, the new home of The Inner Ring started this week but crashed in the neutralised zone.

The mechanical’s fixed. But I got a some emails from readers unable to connect. In particular, downloading the audio bonus of Van Poppel’s radio encouragement didn’t work, the server crashing mid-download for several people. So if you missed it the first time, here’s a second chance to get the audio.

\”inner voices\”, ft. Van Poppel

Either listen direct or right-click to save a copy and maybe put it on your MP3 player.

Recap from the other day
I was listening to something on my iPod the other day when it shuffled to one of the Cervélo documentaries from 2009/10. Suddenly I had Jean Paul Van Poppel’s radio coms in my head as he tried to encourage Carlos Sastre in the Giro. It gave me an idea.

Now I hope the guys at Cervélo don’t mind. I really enjoyed the videos, it was compulsive viewing. At times it felt like you were right there in the hotel room or on the team bus.


When I put this out the other day I wrote “let me know if you set a new five minute power record“. Soon after one Twitter user said he was going to play the track in a spinning class he teaches. But on Thursday a Belgian reader emailed to say he has indeed claimed a new power record! I suspect better weather and the fast-approaching race season are big main factors but the news made my day.

8 thoughts on “Van Poppel in your mind”

  1. Fantastic remix of Beyond the Peloton… I’m a Spinning addict as well as a bike rider, and this is an amazing track for spinning…. already sent to my instructor to add to his next mix !

    As I understand it, Beyond the Peloton will be back with Garmin-Cervelo this year, can’t wait.

  2. Thanks so much. I put it on for the end of my indoor ride and it does the job.

    Like the whole thing you have got here, it has quickly become part of my daily reading.

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