It was acceptable in the 80s – Part I

I’m going to run a recurring series of things that marked cycling in the 1980s. Here’s five things to mark this decade of transition where the classic form of the sport slowly moved into the modern era of technology, fashion and science. 1. Headbands Once reserved for tennis players, these became a fashion breakout in … Read more

No grazie, the podium is camp enough

With the Giro d’Italia starting in Holland, a Dutch politician has suggested that they have men on the podium instead of girls. Here’s how reports it: Marco de Goede of the GroenLinks party had argued during a local council meeting that having podium girls was outdated and sexist. Because Amsterdam is known as the … Read more

Sort it out!

Can Pat McQuaid do no right? The UCI seems to walk headlong into media elephant traps, the organisation charged with overseeing our sport frequently embarrasses both itself and the sport in general. I for one lament the way it operates. The latest goof is with the publicity-seeking Pierre Bordry (pictured), head of France’s national anti-doping … Read more

One to watch

Watch out for this guy, Jean Christophe Peraud. A strong MTB rider – silver in the Olympics behind the invincible Julien Absalon – he’s the reigning French TT champion, having upstaged the likes of Chavanel and Moreau last summer. He won that title with a very aero position but his MTB background allows him to … Read more

The holidays are over

Now that the racing in the pleasant, even scorching, climes of Australia, Qatar and Oman has come to an end, it’s back to work. No more sand, blue skies and, in the case of the Tour down Under, the eucalyptus perfumed air. Now it’s time for Flanders, where the roads are in bad repair after … Read more

El Pistolero

Contador’s first race and he’s won already. He was clearly suffering during Stage of the Tour of the Algarve in Portugal, this was not as dominant as his ride to Verbier last July. But this is how he operates, he likes to bag a few early season wins before vanishing in order to prepare for … Read more

Cav picks his words

“To be honest, when I see him, I think I’ll have to fight the urge to get off my bike and hit him, it’s his lack of remorse… You see, he thinks that everyone’s doing it. People look at what I’m doing and think that I must be cheating. But cycling’s in the forefront of … Read more

Don’t call it a comeback…

…I’ve been here for years. OK, so this blog stopped a while ago but it’s now back. Feel free to dip in and out during the season.