When did a ride become so complicated?

The other day I was listening to one of The Bike Show podcasts and broadcaster Jack Thurston mentioned something like “the age of innocence” with cycling, when a ride was simply about jumping on a bike and enjoying the feelings, whether the wind in your hair or a moment of escapism. I certainly remember the … Read more

And what do you know about cycling?

Don’t know much about history,Don’t know much biology,Don’t know much about a science book,Don’t know much about the French I took Sam Cooke clearly wasn’t a follower of pro cycling. One of the weirder aspects of following pro cycling is that as well as learning about 11 speed gearing, European geography and foreign languages, you … Read more

Before I die

…I’ll have to ride the the Col de Chaussy The col features this incredible series of hairpins. But further on the road becomes unsurfaced, so even better you simply turn around and enjoy the bends on the way down. It’s on the Maurienne valley and starts here. For more details on this climb, see the … Read more

"You don’t play, you do it"

Cycling is too hard. Too hard because though you play football or rugby, cycling is something you do. There is a nuance here, if you lose the ball it is only ever a mistake to be forgotten as soon as the ball comes back to you again. If you weaken on a hill, it is … Read more

An air of spring

The joys of cyclingThere’s something joyous about those days when the thermometer jumps up a few degrees and you swap those thermal layers for lighter clothing I’ve been riding cocooned inside bib longs, overshoes, gloves and windproof jackets but yesterday was the warmest day of the year by some way. So it was just armwarmers, … Read more