Dear Green Edge Cycling

I’d like to discuss the issue of rider recruitment with the people involved in the Green Edge Cycling team before revealing anything more. But I am having trouble reaching people, my emails to Andrew Ryan’s Jayco address have gone unreplied, except for an out-of-office autoreply stating he’d be back at work this week. So this … Read more

Do You Get The Picture?

Sorry for the low resolution. For reasons to be explained in due course I’ve blanked out the sums of money involved. But maybe you get the picture? There’s more to come.


Stagiaire is French for intern. Like many prospective employers, the best way to judge if an employee is suitable to join the firm is to watch them in the workplace for a period of time, as opposed to an interview or a read of the CV. Cycling’s no different and now’s the time of year … Read more

Daniel Teklehaimanot to Cervélo Test Team?

I twittered the other day about Eritrean rider Daniel Teklehaimanot possibly joining the Cervélo Test Team and since then, a second source has independently hinted at the same thing although he says it’s at the “possibility” stage rather than contract time. You might not of heard of him but he’s 21 and finished sixth in … Read more

Contador to sign with Riis?

Right, this is a blog and not a newspaper or website with high standards of journalism to uphold. It’s not either. I feel I can float ideas even when I can’t get them officially confirmed. Fran Contador is a busy man So here goes. Astana can’t afford to keep Contador. His brother, acting as … Read more

Szmyd vs. Contador

Just a quickie… writing on his blog, Polish climber Sylvester Szmyd says that one additional factor behind Astana’s and Contador’s willingness to chase him was because the Pole turned down an offer to ride with Contador for next year. Szmyd tried everything for Alpe d’Huez, even “chewing my breakfast more slowly” but above all he … Read more