Szmyd vs. Contador

Just a quickie… writing on his blog, Polish climber Sylvester Szmyd says that one additional factor behind Astana’s and Contador’s willingness to chase him was because the Pole turned down an offer to ride with Contador for next year.

Szmyd tried everything for Alpe d’Huez, even “chewing my breakfast more slowly” but above all he approached the Astana DS to ask “what do I have to do to win today” and the reply came back that he’d have to talk* to Contador. Writing after the stage Szmyd was clearly annoyed that Contador denied him his chance, saying that it meant that if Contador wants help one day, he might not find it so easily.

Now clearly Contador wanted the Alpe d’Huez stage win. But behind this, Szymd is clearly saying that Contador is planning for 2011 and has already been approaching riders. Is this with Astana or a new team?

* EDIT: see the comments below, an anonymous reader has corrected my Polish – an easy task – and pointed out that the Pole was told to “go with” rather than “go to” Contador. In other words, go on the attack with Contador and no approach him for a favour.


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  1. Dzienki Anon.

    Here's the original phrase from Szmyd:

    "Wczoraj pytałem się dyrektora sportowego Astany, co powinienem zrobić, by na L'Alpe d'Huez wygrać. On odpowiedział – "odjedź z Contadorem"."

    My online translater put this as "go to Contador", which I thought was "go talk" but having looked again you are right, it is more to ride with Contador. In other words, to race with him. I'll edit the blog

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