Dear Green Edge Cycling

I’d like to discuss the issue of rider recruitment with the people involved in the Green Edge Cycling team before revealing anything more. But I am having trouble reaching people, my emails to Andrew Ryan’s Jayco address have gone unreplied, except for an out-of-office autoreply stating he’d be back at work this week.

So this is an open letter to the team. If anyone wants to get in touch in order to compare notes, perhaps set the record straight and above all to have the right of reply, the email is on the top right and we can take things from there. I think I’m giving everyone a fair go here.

9 thoughts on “Dear Green Edge Cycling”

  1. This is clearly an important story, but i can't see you getting an answer. Question – is there anything that will make you supress the facts that you have? Unlikely. Given this, if I were GEC, i would just let this one ride until such a time that they have to make a statement. To me it's clear that the many parties in this are already negotiating on outcomes, including the ever "pragmatic" JV….

  2. beev, it seems only fair to give them a chance to explain. Given the issue is a serious one, a "right of reply" is only fair.

    Above all I don't want to embarrass the riders. I wouldn't blame them for signing a juicy contract but they're not legal experts. It's for the team to explain, not them.

  3. Its nothing more than poker.
    Whatever you divulge – the riders concerned, will not stand up and be counted.

    You may have "x" documents/emails/texts/conversations/etc that say "y" offered this, and "z" agreed that, but unless you have an intention to publish all details and all names, with proof,you have nothing.

    It may be distasteful, but i have not read anything, that other teams do not regularly undertake.

  4. I normally support the idea of whistle blowing but something about this stinks of sour grapes. A Pegasus rider, I wonder? Not happy they didn't get CA support when they needed it most?

  5. Interesting that not so many Australians have been selected for this years Tour de France. Do you think the possibility that some of them might be riding for Green Edge next year is jut a coincidence?

  6. Coincidence for some… but not for others.

    It’s a factor when selecting a rider for a race, do you have them for the following year or not, will they be working 100% for you or will something incentivise them to ride differently.

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