2024 Pro Cycling Calendar

Here’s the pro cycling calendar for 2024, free to download for your diary or phone.

It’s packed with all the men’s and women’s pro races. So whether you’re making plans for next season, want to visit a race, or just need book sofa time or plan that work “meeting”, here it is…

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What’s New?
2024 is an Olympic Games year so they’re the big additions for next year and there are some knock-on effects like the Route d’Occitanie shrinking to two days because the French police are being given as much time off before the Olympics as possible so that they can assist for the games and it means less support for this event in June; worse the Ventoux Dénivelé Challenge is cancelled for the year. Otherwise there are some smaller additions here and there, a new 1.1 race in Belgium and so on, nothing remarkable. Arguably the biggest news is the return of the Tour Colombia 2.1, last held in 2020. The rise of women’s cycling continues, for example the often season-opening Trofeo Mallorca races for the men now get women’s versions and they’re even earlier in mid-January.

What’s the same?
Arguably the news is more that some races are still on the calendar, no big events have vanished yet and the shape of the schedule still looks the same, calendar reform is coming but not for 2024. It’s a very dense programme once you include all the .1-rated races. The women’s Giro is still in July and clashes with the Tour de France, we’ll see if this persists now RCS is promoting the race. Similarly we have Paris-Nice and Tirreno-Adriatico overlapping, as much as this might look outwardly confusing to newcomers wondering which one to watch, having both allows grand tour contenders and classics campaigners to get a week-long stage race in the legs in mid-March, stop the overlap and it’ll get tricky to place each race on the calendar, it works for now.

The Tour des Pyrenées didn’t work last year and after being halted, rather than admitting oncoming vehicles should have been prevented, the organiser blasted the riders… but it’s back. Whether it goes ahead is another matter, the easy part is registering a race on the calendar, delivery is harder. And even established races on the calendar here can be prone to last minute postponements and cancellations.

There are all the peculiarities such as the six day 4 Days of Dunkerque or the Settimana Coppi and Bartali (Italian for “Coppi and Bartali week”) that’s less than a week long and if that sounds abbreviated there’s the new Settimana Lombarda in mid-July and it’s three days long. The E3 race remains, even if the E3 Highway has long been renamed the E17. What’s the longest race of the year? Milan-Sanremo of course in distance but “La Roue Tourangelle Centre Val de Loire – Trophée Groupama Paris Val de Loire” wins for the biggest mouthful, and while crediting the local sponsorship matters, it’s still the Roue Tourangelle for most. Talking of name changes, the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad is now Omloop Nieuwsblad.

24 thoughts on “2024 Pro Cycling Calendar”

  1. The Tour of Britain still features on the calendar but will it happen? If not, it seems astonishing that the current UIC third ranked nation can’t manage a 2.pro or better men’s stage race, and even more so when considering the crowds along the roads (idem for the once-popular Tour of Yorkshire) and the success of Glasgow.

    • The calendar can be a headache to manage but what’s small admin for a blogger is obviously much bigger for race organisers. The Tour of Britain has long looked tenuous with those long transfers which suggested the race struggled to find host towns. Now local and regional government funding – once again a key but unheralded sponsor of the sport – is tight it’s in even more trouble. It won’t be alone, see how few events there are in the US, Colombia having just one pro race feels odd too.

      Worth adding that these events have all registered with the UCI long ago, the governing body then checks the dates and gets back to them, and it’s signed off for September. So whatever we see on the calendar today is largely a reflection of where the sport was last summer; I’ve manually adjusted the changes to the Route d’Occitanie but there will be more to come.

      • Good point re challenges facing local governments in the UK. Any ‘frivolous’ spending like supporting a bike race would be pretty hard to defend.

        I would guess that interacts with the lack of history of road races here. Lots of people will turn out to watch if there’s a race on, sure, but there are few races with deep roots in local communities (not surprisingly as racing was more or less banned for such a long time). Must mean there’s less to fall back on – in terms of networks, volunteers etc – when times get tough and money is very short.

        • I understand the local authorities dilemma when even expenditure for essential services is curtailed. Despite that how sad when on a PCS points or UIC ranking UK riders have never fared better. That too may well decline with Brexit restrictions having complicated good young riders access to European amateur teams and thus having entry to decent races. That’s the route that gave A Yates, Carthy and many others.

      • “It won’t be alone, see how few events there are in the US, Colombia having just one pro race feels odd too.”
        Whatever happened to all the great results that were to come from “Heinie’s Folly”? The only races that keep-on keeping-on are the ones in countries where bike racing is part of the culture…no matter how much money Mr. Mars and Co. threw around, but we’re left with bloated team budgets for too many riders, staff, etc. mandated by this pipe-dream:-(

      • Local government plays a positive role in funding and sponsoring races, but it seems that sometimes other public offices make it difficult for organizers. I read some time ago something about netherlands police leaving races without assistance, while i remember Tour of California had some problems with road closure. I don’t know if London Surrey Classic, Tour of Yorkshire and Tour of Britain had similar problems or was only lack of funds.
        Anyway, we talk about globalization of cycling, english is increasingly spoken in the peloton, and meanwhile races in UK and Us are disappearing.

  2. @DJW. I think road racing in the UK is at a crisis point after a long steady decline – although not quite so dramatic in membership numbers -yet.
    BC is now managed by people who have no history of riding, but jump from one sporting organization to another. Over regulation of the sport. Few people coming through the traditional club structure willing to promote in the current circumstances. A dramatic and yearly decline in the number of events available with very few ‘top notch’ races. BC extracts plenty of money from the grass roots, but offers very little in return. Plenty more, but crisis maybe too easy a word!
    I am not expecting a ToB to run this year, after claims from BC and others of over a million pounds from the organizers. I hope I am proved wrong.

  3. Thanks to our host for the calendar!

    Another year, another opportunity to spend 5 minutes wondering why the UCI don’t provide an ical download, sliced and diced by discipline and gender… perhaps they don’t have the resources of INRNG?

  4. It always mystifies me when ‘Pro Cycling’ just means road cycling…..It’s as if other disciplines aren’t Pro…….

    More roadie ignorance methinks……

    • Well, this is, was and I guess it will stays this way – at least the owner of this house said so many times- a road cycling centered blog.
      So the calendar is for road. Feel free to do the work INRNG put into that to make a Gravel/Cross/Track Pro ical file for the rest of us.

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