Back in November

A brief note to say this blog will be taking a break for the next three weeks and there will be no coverage of the World Championships, or much else, until the end of the month.

In recent years, flying away for a couple of weeks spent without internet access has coincided with the end of the season. This allowed for various retrospective pieces such as highlights of the year to be cued up for automatic publication on the site but this year earlier travel plans and the later slot for the Worlds clash.

Now it feels too early to do a look back at the season and the lack of internet and leaving the laptop behind means not much is going to be added to this site either about contemporary issues like the Worlds, or the still ongoing saga of Bradley Wiggins, Team Sky, packages and TUEs.

If anyone has any tips for pedalo technique please share them below. Back in November.

63 thoughts on “Back in November”

  1. Thanks for your insight over the year, looking forward to reading what you get to thinking about when you are back and publishing.

  2. Doubt you’ll miss much as the worlds will probably get reduced to a 100km crit race because of the heat which will be great news for Caleb Ewan.

    Enjoy your holiday.

  3. Thank you for all you do Signore Ring, it is very appreciated even if you do occasionally have to taser idiots like me and zap our posts.

  4. enjoy – as we are enjoing your blog, one of the best out there.

    I orginally found it through your “Roads to ride” articles

  5. Haha, I have a picture just like that of my 6 year old son! Have a great holidays INRNG, good decision to cut yourself off from the internet. My experience with pedalos is that you should certainly get the one with a slide on it.

  6. Sad to see you take a break, but there’s been plenty of TUE banter across all media (necessary break indeed) and WC analysis boils down to heat, wind, and well, yes that’s probably it…Enjoy vacation!

  7. +++1

    “Gimme the people, free my soul. I wanna get off the rocky road, and drift away….
    Thank you for the joy you’ve given me….”
    –Drift Away

  8. Thank you for another season of great writing and insightful comment. Enjoy your well-earned break. I know many have suggested this before, but if there was a donate button, I would happily buy you an end-of-season beverage of your choice for enhancing my enjoyment and increasing my knowledge of the sport we all love.

  9. You’re the man Inner Ring. Whilst sipping your daiquiri rest assured there are thousands of us wishing rest and an energetic return. Bon vacance.

  10. Enjoy the R+R…its been a great year for roadies, made greater by your contributions.
    These Worlds do not do justice to the year, and good time to get away…

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