Supporter Jerseys, Caps and Socks

A reminder that supporter jerseys, caps and socks are available from UK shop Prendas Ciclismo. The price is £55 (roughly $80 / €73) plus postage. The jerseys are made by Santini and the Prendas website has all the info with details on sizing and more.

Caps are available in black or white and have been available in two sizes. To get your hands on one visit the shop. The price is £7.50 (about $12 / €10) plus postage which depends on the destination.

INRNG socks

The INRNG supporter socks have arrived. What you see is what you get, they’re black and have a 75mm medium high cuff. They’re made in Italy from Coolmax and Lycra from Prendas Ciclismo at the price of £6.95 (about $11 / €9).

That’s It
Frequently asked question are for more kit, new products or a different design. For now none of this is going to happen, the existing kit has surpassed expectations for sales. If there is anything new in the future it’ll be front page news on here.

Readers have asked about a “tip jar” or some other way to make donations and this is being looked into.

Cap in hand donation
The sales revenue is split between Prendas and me meaning if you buy a jersey you get some nice kit but also help support this website and help keep the wheels turning. This isn’t a commercial venture but there are costs like website hosting, bandwidth, the photo account and more. Plus generating some revenue means more investment in travel for race recons and more.

A big thanks to all those who have bought items already and it’s a joy to see the kit all around the world.

23 thoughts on “Supporter Jerseys, Caps and Socks”

  1. Though I’m one who is waiting for the “DONATE” button to be installed, I can vouch for both Prendas and Santini as top-notch operations, having been a customer of theirs in the past. Looking forward to another great year of articles and comments courtesy of INRNG. Happy New Year!

  2. Dear INRNG readers.

    Just a quick comment.

    We have re-ordered the INRNG Coolmax socks and will have all sizes in stock in 2-3 weeks time.

    XS, L, XXL currently in stock. S/M and XL will be plentiful after the new delivery.

    Kind Regards


    • Hi Andy,
      Any word on when large caps will be back in stock? Got a medium just last week, but it’s a little snug so will size up when I get the chance (and give my riding partner my medium, to spread the INRNG love!) Looking forward to picking up an INRNG jersey come the summer too!

    • No criticism of the jersey or the site, but your comment makes me me ask something I have been puzzling over for some time. Why is black kit so popular? With so many riding it, it doesn’t stand out in a pack, sponsors logos get lost, and its the last thing I would want to wear on a hot day. Okay, there is a semi famous team that wears black, but is that the only attraction?

      • Please remind someone in Northern Britain, what is a hot day? Haven’t had one of those in a year or two.

        I wear black mainly because it keeps me warmer if the sun ever comes out, and also because it is isn’t ostentatious, doesn’t show sweat, dirt, or imperfect laundering, and is widely available in effective synthetic gear.

        It can be bland or boring though, and it sure is a disadvantage on a sunny day in a hot climate.

        • Darn. I was hoping to hear something about laminar flow in boundry layers and reduced covalent bonds in darker colored fabrics that results in a higher speed in bunch sprints. But Black is only fashion? I guess I will still have to train…..

        • I got one of the jersey’s …. love it. they are actually accented with a lot of color and as far as the sun is concerned i rode a lot with mine on around june/july and the material is great for breathing and wicking.

      • I fail to get the point of black as well. Shorts? You bet, the blacker the better. The rest? Cycling’s a colorful sport – why folks want to look like they should be riding a Harley-Davidson, not to mention being tough for motorists to see, is beyond me.

  3. I agree with the thought of WHY? so much black
    on all the kits i have seen in the last 5 years.
    Come on ! all these wanna be racers are soooooo cool that
    black is the only color ? Cycling has its beauty in color.
    There is something special seeing a group of riders in PINK, GREEN,
    BLUE, YELLOW, RED, etc. The non cycling TV audience ( which cycling desparately needs )
    almost ALWAYS comments on the colorfulness of the sport.

  4. Belatedly treated myself to a jersey as an early Christmas present a couple of months back. Far and away the best present I got! It’s well made (nice material, good finish, solid zips) with the black and white frontage contrasted nicely by the vibrant back. Looking forward to employing the full length zip come the two weeks of summer when the world can then enjoy my sweaty, hairiness in all of its glory free of charge.

  5. Black shows up logos better than any other colour. That’s why sky are still in black and not the lovely bolt blue training kit that everyone likes so much.

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