Supporter Jerseys Back In Stock

The supporter jerseys are back in stock with Prendas Ciclismo. Made in Italy by Santini this is a lightweight jersey for summer. While stocks last.

Prendas Ciclismo

The original batch of jerseys sold out within a couple of days for many sizes and a fresh delivery in June saw many sizes selling within hours. Now fresh stock has arrived.

If you haven’t seen the jersey before then the Prendas website has more pictures and if you’re tempted, check their sizing guide as this is detailed and helpful. If you’re still stuck, give the shop a call or send them an email as Mick and Andy of Prendas couldn’t be more helpful. If you are interested don’t wait because when the supporter caps were launched they sold out in a day. The price is £55 (roughly $86 / €78) plus postage.

INRNG supporter jersey

The colours are there… to add colour and they mimic the tones of the leaders jerseys in the three grand tours. The lightweight “Energy Microsense” fabric is designed for summer. If it helps mine weighs under 160 grams.

It has a full zip, the classic three pockets on the back plus an extra zipped pocket on the outside. The Santini logo on the back is reflective, handy if you’re in an unlit tunnel while climbing a mountain pass.

arm warmers

There are also matching arm warmers, see the Prendas Ciclismo website again. The supporter caps are also available too and new for summer, socks too.

Sales revenue is split between Prendas and me so if you buy a jersey, armwarmers, socks or a cap – or everything – you get some nice kit and also help keep the wheels of this website turning whether the bandwidth, the photography account, stage race recons and coffee.

38 thoughts on “Supporter Jerseys Back In Stock”

  1. I have the jersey, pretty much my favourite one.

    My only wish is that the 2016 update will emphasise the colour stripes a little more.

    If you’re weighing up demand for a long sleeve version, count me in.

      • Exactly think big! Don’t undersell it! Its not just a blog, it is a source of enjoyment for many and I am sure I am one of many who visit your site each day in anticipation for a new witty and topical post.
        The comments sections are also engaging and conversational, exactly what makes a good club ride – plus to my knowledge trolls cannot ride bikes so none would come.
        The idea could have mileage… Keep up the good work anyhow.

        • One could just attempt to arrange an official-but-unofficial ride I suppose. We’re disparate, which is part of what makes the blog so great, but which also may make it tough to organise.

          Personally I think INRNG has the right idea – I’ve seen too many organisiastions and communities attempt to “go big” and rarely has it ended well. Indeed, most of the time they have simply ended – factions and infighting and stuff like that.

          • How about an IRNG cruise?

            Large screen cinema viewing past races.
            guest speakers,
            gels and lousy sandwiches for lunch.
            stationary bike races in the gym.

            think of the potential!

  2. Just ordered the shirt – partly because it looks pretty smart (although will be mostly wasted on my South Manchester commute) but mainly to ensure that your royalties are maximised.

    Have enjoyed this blog massively from a distance and wanted to say a big thank you for the interesting and detailed content.

  3. Have you thought of doing a “supporters” polo shirt for off the bike. Would increase your potential market or even double the purchase per buyer? Just a thought. Nice design by the way, very cool.

    • That’s a great question / idea. Surely I can’t be the only non-cyclist that enjoys and appreciates this blog (sorry, but I’m a runner…)? I’d love to do my bit to keep the wheels turning, and preferably with something that I can wear, and give you an incremental bit of publicity too as a result.

      • I think he meant that it’s the only cap Prendas sell that is available in a large size, rather than the normal one-size-fits-all. As someone with an above-average sized head, most cycling caps don’t fit me, so I also appreciated the large option and ordered one accordingly. (Mark, in case you are looking for other caps, I find Castelli to be larger than most.)

        Just also to add to the many approving comments of both the kit and the blog. Informed, interesting and well-written – excellent work.

        Agree with the comment about producing an item of casual clothing so we can support Inrng off the bike. An Inrng t-shirt would be great.

        Would also be great if Prendas offered bibshorts to match the jersey. Even if they’re just plain black with the white chevrons on one leg gripper and the Inrng logo on the other. That would be cool. Any plans?

  4. I bought two. Do I need more jerseys? Hardly. But I really enjoy your work, and I read your blog more days than I ride. I am delighted to support what you do.

  5. Santini makes great stuff (they’ve made our kit for years) and Prendas are good guys too. But still waiting for a simple (it would seem that way at least) DONATE button so we could throw a few euros/pounds/dollars your way without buying anything. Even with the pressure of LeTour, INRNG is the most civilized and friendly place to post opinions and read interesting articles and responses from real cycling fans. Keep up the good work!!! W INRNG!!!

  6. Would be great to have the jersey in white, or another lighter color. The sun is out about 300 days a year where I live, with temps often above 38C, so black isn’t such a great color in practice. Does look good, though. The color markings maybe would stand out more on a white jersey.

    • Please, have some consideration for those of us that live in the UK. We’re lucky to get 30 days of sun per year and I didn’t even know the thermometer went to 38.

    • No worries, if it’s not for you then there’s no obligation to buy, it’s just a suggestion. FWIW I ride in hot temperatures too and it’s been fine, it’s not as light or aerated as those <100g "climber jerseys" but the black fabric isn't a heat sink.

  7. I just wore my cap on a ‘cross ride. A casual shirt would be a great alternative for those of us with excess kit.

    Inrng, I hope you are enjoying a brief respite from your wonderful efforts covering the Tour. Thank you.

    I think it would be fun to do a series of predictions of the post-Tour crit podiums- who knew little Nairo Q could unleash a such devestating winning sprint?
    And Peter Sagan finally got the win that the Tour so unkindly denied him…that ought to keep his team owner off his back for a while.

  8. Just purchased a jersey and cap. Looking forward to sporting both on group rides around Austin, Texas. I’m convinced and hopeful I’ll get lots of (jealous) inquiries so that I can refer people to this wonderfully informative and entertaining blog. Keep up the great work, Inrng!

  9. I have to mention the my Inrng jersey made it up the Nivolet 2 weeks ago, a climb this site made me aware of. It hopefully will see the top of Mt Evans (Colorado, US) on the weekend, before it flies back to Australia. Thanks for all the great blogs!

      • We did; 18 degrees at the top ensured quality time with the surroundings. Locals mentioned that it will be a stage finish in the 2016 Giro: someone is going to sting the peleton in that tunnel…
        Meanwhile the jersey has seen the top of Mt Evans, and was recognised by the Boulder bikeshops 🙂

  10. Hi, just thought I’d drop you a line to say I’ve recently discovered the blog and have really enjoyed it so far. Loving the jersey, think it might be a treat to myself to wear round Leeds on my commute to work – I’ve been cycling to work for the last year or so and am getting more into my cycling, just need to start tackling some proper hills now!

  11. Finished my charity ride from London to Paris yesterday, INRNG arm warmers and socks both used and admired the last two days ?
    Good stuff, thanks. HUGE congratulations on the Tour coverage this year, brilliant as ever.

  12. I’m pleased to report I spotted one of these on RideLondon yesterday. It looks very good in real life and I’ll be buying one if I can work out what size I need!

  13. Rolled up to my club ride in my INRNG shirt and socks. Compliments all around from a group of hard boiled cycling droogs not known for their sartorial splendor. They spent the next 60 miles trying to make me look miserable in my spiffy kit.

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