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Seven Cycles

Seven Cycles are advertising for February and it’s a custom of this blog to say thanks in public for their support.

The US framebuilder offers a range of custom carbon, titanium and steel frames and to find out more, click on the ad to visit their site and learn more. With Valentines Day coming up soon, what better time to show a sponsor some love?

If you enjoy this site then it’s thanks to people like Seven Cycles that it happens. Bandwidth, photography accounts, race recce travel plus coffee and carbon all keep the cadence up at the Inner Ring.

It might be a step up from getting a supporter cap to buy Seven frame if you want to support this website but if you can’t stretch that far you can make still a difference by visiting their website, following them on Twitter and Instagram, liking them on Facebook or just saying “thanks” to them via email or on Twitter.

The website shows a range of bikes for varied uses, from racing to riding, touring to tandems and some indestructible-looking travel bikes. They’re built to precision, Seven “hold the wall thickness variations to within 0.001″—less than the thickness of a human hair” for the butted tubes and “every Seven frame is subjected to no less than 50 alignment checks—28 in welding alone. Each is designed to guarantee the straightest, most accurate frame possible. It’s no small effort to hold tolerances as tight as +/- 0.002″ for the most critical measurements.” Of course I’m singing their praises but happy to do so here because they’re kind enough to support the site. This is run on a personal level, it’s not just another frame of pixels on a website with more logos than a Gianni Savio team jersey.

One recent use of funding was a detour to check out the Col de la Croix de Chaubouret in central France. What, where? It will be the summit finish in central France for the upcoming Paris-Nice race. This was a case suffering for art’s sake because the road was a grey black ribbon of tarmac flanked by white snow, the temperature barely above freezing on the way up to the small Le Bessat ski station before a limb-numbing descent, all while trying to make mental notes about the road surface, gradient and so on. A nice ride but if this blog didn’t generate an income then I wouldn’t have spent the time, fuel and road tolls on it all. There will be a Roads to Ride piece about the climb ahead of Paris-Nice.


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  1. Thanks Seven. For what it’s worth their sponsorship changes my opinion of the company, I hadn’t associated them with euro racing much. Now I do.

  2. I purchased a custom Ti Seven Axiom SL frame two years ago. I love it.
    I realise they aren’t cheap however I will never buy another road frame unless
    it gets irreparably damaged. Then I’ll save up and buy another Seven 🙂

  3. Got a ti 7 about 9 years ago. Added a steel 3 years ago. Have ridden many other fine bikes, including Sachs, Ciocc, etc. Cannot beat a 7 for quality, aesthetics, and customer service. Part of the 7 experience was working with the Winooski Bike Shop (David Porter/Vermont). Complete guru in all things- fit, mechanical, components. Go for it.

    • The idea is you’ll get daily Paris-Nice stage previews informed by detailed knowledge of the roads they’re racing on and when the big summit finish comes we’ll know exactly what to expect of the climb. In the meantime sponsorship covers all the bandwidth to keep the site going, the photography and more so you can read everything else. As it happens the Roads to Ride series is very popular too.

  4. Thanks for the explanation. Roads to Ride is a small price to pay for the rest of the terrific work you do. To me it’s like the old New Yorker film section; David Denby was mild penance compared to the joy of reading Anthony Lane.

  5. Thanks to Seven Cycles for supporting the home of excellence.

    Roads to Ride is a wonderful record of critical areas in many races, and where one can compare one’s own experiences – it comes at no price or effort to anyone, other than INRNG !

  6. Really, people bothering to comment to criticise Roads to Ride? This has annoyed me sufficiently to comment back.

    I like Roads to Ride pieces – great lunchtime reads. Linking them to upcoming races is good stuff too. Please keep them up. One day I will have the time to ride some of these roads… until then reading about them will keep me going!

  7. Thanks Seven – I am happy to see that some of the money I put into an excellent Axiom SLX last year is going to this equally excellent blog – seems I’m getting my money’s worth 😉

  8. I must admit I actually quite fancy a seven bike… particularly the Ti or Steel Axioms.. – and seeing other users leaving high praise feedback is encouraging. Difficulty is finding someone here in Western Australia…

  9. Thanks to Seven for sponsoring your work. They’ve produced three of my friends’ favorite bikes, and your site is the first stop during the road racing season.

  10. Thanks Seven Cycles!

    I had not heard of you before seeing you had sponsored this blog, but I make a point of clicking and browsing the website of every sponsor. Loving the steel frames!

  11. Seven definitely makes the best all-around custom bikes in my experience. I have a couple custom steel and titanium Seven’s for both road and mountain and they have all been perfect. Every time I go to buy a new custom frame I look at other manufacturers for variety, but I have never been able to find the same balance of performance (exacting specs & quality) and appearance (the curves of the seatstays & chainstays are dead-sexy to me!). Thanks for sponsoring a great site Seven!

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