Supporter Caps

Want to support this site? Buying a cap helps keep things on the road.

They’re in stock, in two sizes, in black or white and available from the shop.

A big thanks or, more appropriately, “chapeau” to all those who have bought one or even several, it’s much appreciated.

What you see is what you get, these are cotton caps made in Italy and for sale with British shop Prendas Ciclismo. The price is £7.50 (about $11.30 / €9.50) plus postage which depends on the destination – free if you’re in the UK.

A share of the profits help keep this blogger in coffee, pay for the Cor Vos photo agency account, buy bandwidth and more.

If you don’t like caps, don’t need any more or don’t feel like donating then carry on as usual…

20 thoughts on “Supporter Caps”

  1. Funny, woke up this morning and went to my favourite site, thinking that we should be paying a subscription based solely on how much enjoyment we get out of its content!
    Already have a set of caps, so donation it will be.
    Thanks for all you do, looking forward to this upcoming season knowing I’ll be better informed and with that knowledge more engaged in our favourite sport and activity.
    The only downside is I’m considering dropping one or two magazine subscriptions, but there you go, more than enough then for a donation…
    Have you ever considered making this a subscription based service?

  2. When I donate to other media outlets I cherish (PBS and NPR in the USA for example) I usually tell ’em to “keep the gift and put all my money towards your great work!” or something like that. Any way to do that for you? Sponsorship’s a bit too rich for us, but it seems we could do more than buy a couple of caps unless Prendas is charging $100 each and giving $80 of that to Inrng.

    • I’ll look into a virtual tip jar. I did look at using something – Tinypass for those who know – but last year had enough support from ads and cap sales to fund the blog so it wasn’t needed in the end.

      • Many developers of freeware just use Paypal to accept donations.
        I’m sure you’re familiar with how it works. If you do have any reservations with regards to using their (commercial) service I will of course also donate using any other convenient method but using Paypal seems so easy and convenient.
        DISCLAIMER: I have nothing to do with Paypal and never had.

  3. I don’t wear caps but would not mind donating a small amount with nothing in return (except the site of course). I do wear socks, gloves, and – even better – jerseys. Somehow it feels weird to buy a cap just to support the site and then stow it away somewhere.

  4. Agree with AK,
    A tip jar would be great, I would prefer to give you the money, rather then pay for shipping a couple of caps to California.

    I have witnessed pure love and admiration for you Inrg, and not just by me! But by all your faithful domestics you may have enough $ from a tip jar to perhaps co sponsor a WT team in a year or two….

    Then we all can have a go at how to run it!

  5. I got some caps last time and they are excellent.

    They are however not the same as the other Prendas cap cuts. They seem to be a bit smaller and tighter. Not better or worse, just different.

    Unless you ride a Small helmet get the larger size. They also shrink a bit so bigger is better.

  6. My mistake to read too literally about making a donation.
    Are you still set up to take a cut if readers purchase photos? I think I recall reading that somewhere…
    I’m not allowed to buy more caps, my wife thinks I shouldn’t wear them in public off the bike, but I’m too old to care and I’ll just keep thinking the smiles are because I’m looking good in my retro style.

  7. The caps sure are nice and unique. Plus, they fit a sweet niche that has gained cultural relevance as of late. But you know what would be really nice? SOCKS, man. To follow the refined simplicity of the hats. It’d be the most popular item ever.

  8. Inrng, just to let you know: I ran into difficulty trying to order some via the internet; eventually got a nice e-mail from prendas asking me to call the uk to place an order as that was the only way to do it from the u.s….. Never had enough time to do it alas…

  9. Ordered my cap today. I have a drawer full already but I’m happy to contribute to the website as I read it everyday and have done for several years now.

    The fact that it’s a ‘large’ will see that it get plenty of use on while out training.

    Thank you!

  10. The caps (one of each colour) are great, and it’s nice to have a way to support what you do.
    +1 on the virtual tips jar idea, like many others I’m happy to chip in to help without expecting anything in return except the unfailingly excellent content 🙂
    Chapeau (sorry…)

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