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The supporter caps have arrived… and sold out faster than a rider offered a six figure “loan” from Alexander Vinkourov.

Suddenly it all feels more real than tapping away at a keyboard. To get your hands on one visit the shop.

What you see is what you get, these are cotton caps made in Italy and for sale with British shop Prendas Ciclismo. The price is ยฃ7.50 (about $12 / โ‚ฌ10) plus postage which depends on the destination.

They’re long term supporters and friends of the site. As part of their business they get caps made in Italy and offered to help produce an Inner Ring one. They’ve also got the e-commerce worked out from payments to postage.

Cap in hand donation
If you’re not a collector of caps buying one (or more) will still help keep this site on the road as the sales revenue is split between Prendas and me.

Update: stocks are limited and they’re already selling fast. If they sell out we’ll order more.

Update 2: it seems they’ve sold out. They were going fast yesterday and Prendas thought they might sell out by the end of the week but it seems they went by the end of the day. At this is end is great to see this but sorry if there are frustrated buyers, a new order’s going in soon.

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  1. I don’t wear or collect caps, and I’d like to support the site (more than clicking on a few ads anyway). Are you thinking of any other options?

    • Thinking… but it’s proving harder to go from idea to execution. So this is it for now.

      To explain more I can do the blog in a few minutes a day but handling payments and posting other items is something else. I had been looking at socks and this is still an idea but it’d involve me handling sales and postage… and the time spent queuing in the post office is time that could go on the blog… or riding etc.

      • What about an ebook? The best of the INRNG, with a couple of other articles that are exclusive? I’ve bought a few of those from other sites, they seem to be reasonably popular. I imagine your articles probably take a while to write due to the research though, but I’d be quite happy to pay for some exclusive ones and I imagine quite a few others would too! Plus with an ebook you put it up and make money whilst riding, it’s win win!

      • I was quick enough to get a cap, but I also agree with Nicholas about supporting this site. There are quite a few “simple” ways to set up donation portals for any altruistic readers.
        Amazon Payments
        Many of these services have subscription options so we could automatically give you $5 (or whatever) a month. I just thought I’d mention the option in case you hadn’t thought of it. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. At present the web site is showing an error message. As soon as the problem is resolved I will purchase a couple of INRNG caps. This is the least I can do to support the best cycling web site there is.

    • It seemed to go down within minutes of this post going up. I hope my readers haven’t overloaded the Prendas website ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Talking of online error messages this site has been overloaded at times during the last few weeks. Some might have noticed some occasional “error establishing database connection” error messages and similar problems like the missing comments. It was due to the server being overwhelmed with up to 30 page loads per second. It should be resolved now.

      • It was an unrelated outage in the UK data centre that houses all four of our web servers….

        Happy to report it’s all sorted now, but I’ll monitor it all evening.

        Andy @ prendas

  3. 2 Caps orderd from Mick and Andy at Prendas. Thanks for the great reads. It is always interesting and challenges my perceptions about the pro scene. I am Lebusque, better that than Cycles Goff rider or Reilhan. Ho Hey!

  4. Fantastic, will order mine when I get home.
    Great to support this blog, the attention to detail and real research and insight into each topic is exceptional.

  5. been waiting for these for a while! ordered 2 in case the mrs knackers one in the wash.

    so happy to spread the word about probably the best written cycling site i’ve come across

  6. One ordered and hopefully will soon be on its way down here in the Vaucluse. Postage to France a reasonable ยฃ2.95. Look forward to seeing who recognises it on the local rides round Ventoux.
    Keep up the great work and also thanks to everyone for the most informed and civil comments of all the cycling forums.

  7. Two caps ordered, one for me and one for Mrs Worzel…they’ll look good on our forthcoming end to end. Many thanks again for the most informative and civilised cycling website there is.

  8. Good work Mr. INRNG.
    I keep raving to all my fellow american riders
    here (new york area) in the USA about you. Looking forward to more
    merchandise in the future which i could buy to support
    this best of all sites.

  9. Being a girl and not wanting “hat hair” a T shirt would be much appreciated if poss :)) but nice design. Is this a good time to say chapeau …… No, I though not

  10. Wow. Out of stock already. Went to order and GONESKI….


    I’ll have to wait for another run.

    For what it is worth. Socks / Caps. They are about the only items like this that I would order.

  11. Add me to the list of readers looking forward to the caps being restocked. I was quite excited when I sat down after my evening (in the US) ride to check today’s post and saw that caps were finally available, only to find that they are already sold out! I suppose I just need to move to Europe so that I’m not perpetually 6 hours behind.

  12. OK, well, struggling for awhile to find the “buy” button but I think it is explained – sold out already. Let’s make a few hundred, shall we? Some other things look real cool but I’ll wait until we get the INRNG cap back in of course.

  13. SOLD OUT. What a resounding vote of confidence in the quality of INRNGs site and the general high quality of the comments. Well deserved, here is hoping the caps are re-stocked quickly.

  14. Wow, many thanks to all those who have bought one. A fresh order will be going in soon and they’ll be a give-away competition soon to win some too.

    Sorry for anyone frustrated by the lack of stock overnight.

    • Cheers for the tip. I got one from Always Riding that fitted me well, but a second one I bought was is a bit snug. Rapha often offer three sizes, but sadly the price is XL…

  15. Dear all INRNG readers.

    Firstly I’d like to thank Inner Ring for allowing us to partner with him on this little project. We are big fans of the blog and also the highly informative twitter feed which for us has replaced as the “go to” place for up to date information about pro cycling.

    We have to admit seriously under-estimating the demand for the INRNG cap, but we are not keen on “ordering big and regretting later”. We ordered what we thought was a reasonable amount – which turned out to be n – 200 not enough! So we can only apologise/apologize.

    Like most Italian factories, our cap producer closes during the month of August for summer holidays, but rest assured we’ll be at the front of the queue and we’ll get a new shipment of the INRNG caps at the end of September.

    If you’d like to be informed of this new delivery, I’d ask you to please sign up for our stock notification service which is available on the product page here:

    This is completely separate to our monthly sales email news letter, and you will only receive ONE email from us. By signing up to the stock notification, it will also allow us to gauge the correct number to reorder – so by signing up, it will help us help you if you like.

    Thanks once again for the support and I look forward to seeing our advert on the blog during the Vuelta a Espana.

    Kind Regards


    • Was reading posts, thinking i may have missed out, only to see post on table with a familiar Bournemouth post mark! Nice one thanks INRNG and cheers Andy/Mick. AUPA!

  16. I’m gutted I didn’t get a chance to snap up one of these caps, I want to support the site and I collect caps but please let the next ones be any other colour, really not keen on the black kit trend. Even the inverse of black on white would be good.

  17. I feel a bit guilty having ordered 2, I was only trying to make it a meaningful contribution rather than hog all the caps.

    Prendas were then so quick in fulfilling the order that by the time I realised they had sold out (it occurred to me to call and reduce my order to a single cap) they had already sent me an email saying my order was on its way!

    I do love caps though, can’t remember the last time I went on a bike without one so rest assured they’ll be used to destruction.

    Thanks INRNG for the great blog and all the work that goes into it. Long may it continue.

  18. How about musettes? No worries about size, hat-hair, etc., or affordability to judge from the offerings on Prendas’ site. Have put my name down for September caps in any case.

    Thank you for all your truly excellent work, INRG!

  19. I knew it … should have ordered as soon as I read it! I will buy one from the next batch. I’m so pleased to have a way to support your marvelous blog. Thank you.

  20. I go on a holiday for a week and not only the caps arrive, but all the caps are gone! Better luck in September then. Still I would much rather have a jersey than a cap, because I never wear caps.

  21. I saw one of the caps on ebay for $100 USD. To be delivered in 1 month.

    Just kidding… Perhaps we may see one of your caps on Brian’s Cookson’s head as congratulates the 2014 world road race champion

  22. Cap arrived today – looks good and given how quickly they sold out I’ll feel a bit special for a while given the rarity. For those wondering about the one size fits all nature – normally I have no issue with cap sizes (helmet size is normally a medium for reference) but this one is noticeably tighter so probably not great for those with a large head …

    And INRNG – thanks for the best cycling site out there! Great commentary and considered opinions rather than knee jerk reactions. Has increased my enjoyment of pro-cycling immeasurably.

    • Doesn’t bode so well as I have a massive head, it would appear. And that’s not accounting for my ego… I will get one regardless when the new batch comes though!

  23. I can’t quite believe I’ve put myself on the waiting list for an item I know I will never actually wear, just to be able to say thank you in a pecuniary way! T shirts would be great though….

  24. Any idea when the next order will be in?

    I really like the white on black cap, but also agree that black on white cap would be nice too. Or even white on red cap! Seems like you didn’t expect them to sell so fast, so congrats on having so many anxious supporters who want to show the world they support INRNG!

    Not that you have any extra time on your hands, but you could screen print other items also. You now know that you have a huge fan base that will support you this way too. T-shirts, water bottles, etc.

  25. Not sure if this has been mentioned already in comments or elsewhere, but it might be an idea to do a pre-order before production of 2nd round of caps! You’d have a better idea of qtys then. Even of colour prefs – but might be simpler to restrict this. Personally really like white on black.

    And while you could raise funds with extending branding to other items, the elitest in me likes it just being the cap! Maybe a T-shirt though, for those not inclined to don headwear, and/or aprรจs ride!

  26. Dear all INRNG readers.

    Many thanks for your comments and feedback.

    We’re not a faceless company and actually *really value* feedback.

    I’m pleased to say that we will be offering both a BLACK and WHITE version of the INRNG caps – both of which will arrive at the end of September.

    If youโ€™d like to be informed of this new delivery, Iโ€™d ask you to please sign up for our stock notification service which is available on the product page here:

    Kind Regards


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