2014 Calendar

Happy New Year to all readers. Look at the calendar above and you can now see some pro races appearing with the Tropicale Amissa Bongo in Gabon and the Tour de San Luis in Argentina before the World Tour season starts with the Tour Down Under.

Here’s the 2014 calendar for all the major men’s and women’s races and, included below, how to download it to your smartphone or electronic diary.

An iCal is a calendar file that you can store on your phone or electronic diary like Outlook. There are several ways to get this on to your computer or phone.

Subscribe and get automatic updates: The recommended option is to subscribe by copying the iCal URL:


  • If you use MacOS/iOS copy the URL to the iCal file then Calendar.app hit cmd+alt+S (or File>New Calendar Subscription…) whilst in Calendar.app, paste in the link and it will update across all your devices and updates will be processed
  • If you use Outlook, copy the URL and then go to Tools > Account Settings > Internet Calendars and paste the URL to subscribe. In each case when the calendar is updated with a date change or an event is cancelled your software will upload the new data.

Direct download: You can download the iCal file for your organiser, phone, computer and other devices from here


Right-click to save the ics / iCal / iCalendar file and you can import it into your electronic diary. If you have trouble with the subscription then this is an easier option but it means you might want to download a new version a few times a year to get the latest version.

Google Calendar: If you use Google Calendar then click on the icon on the bottom-right of the calendar up above. Note this method can work with Android phones when the iCal file might not although you might need the Google Sync calendar app.

4 thoughts on “2014 Calendar”

  1. Many thanks again inring. Just curious, do you know if there are any rumblings to bring back the Trophée des Grimpeurs, or is it permanently off the calendar?

    • Not heard anything for 2014 but someone has the idea to bring it back. It’s place on the edge of Paris though makes it hard to run with the traffic problems, more so with the big increase in policing costs coming this year. The race has a long history and was created to show off derailleur gears, hence the climbing.

  2. Watch as WRChamp 2009, contends for his first national title in Bunniyong Victoria on Jan 12.Possibly live on SBS.com.au
    Favorites range from OGE’s Luke Durrbridge (2013 AT.Holder – lone breakaway), Gerrans (2012 ATH – 3 man sprint), Monkey Meyer, Bling Matthews and Caleb Ewan (as Stagairre 2014). Sky’s Porte is a chance if Gerrans or Evans doesn’t make the break. Garmin fields a strong team, with rides like Morton, Haas and Hoff a good chance BUT Rohan Dennis will be their leader and is considered an even bet (if ever there was one in a one day race) for non-OGE starters. The best chance for an outsider will come from ProConti DRAPAC Team (of sorts), pedigree’d Will Walker, exiting Drapac for Europe’s Synergy Baku. (Check out who is fiance’ is – connections!+)

    The big Q will be; Who out there in the local Aussie scene will act as domestique for Cadel (Deli Vans) Evans. Which local team or individuals will place servicing one of Australia’s (& Worlds) great champions in his first title bid since 2005 ahead of their own dwindling aspirations? If you want to lend a hand, let us know and we’ll max blast kudo’s all round.

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