Vuelta Guide

A note to say a guide to the 2013 Vuelta is online. Just go to or use the navigation bar above with the Vuelta link.

You’ll find a summary of each stage with the day’s profile. Plus there’s all the other information on time bonuses, TV schedules, the jerseys, prizes and more in one place. Once the start list is published I’ll copy it there and it’ll be updated every day to account for any abandons.

There will be daily stage previews too. It’s safe to say I know French and Italian roads better than Spain although this year sees the race on familiar terrain in the French Pyrenees and Andorra too and the nasty climb above Estepona on Stage 8 brings back traumatic training memories and a breakfast that was tasted for a second time on the early slopes. But luckily I’ll be joined by Spaniard Manuel Pérez Díaz for some local information on each daily preview.

There will also be a preview ahead of the race for the overall classification, reviewing the chances for the main contenders and looking at some outside picks too. If you need a preview right away, check out Mikkel Condé’s C-Cycling preview.

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  1. Nausea and vomiting are associated with fight or flight response and a cyclist (even at amateur level) has to do a lot of fighting and flighting during a race, so it makes perfect sense.

    P.S. This year’s Vuelta will be the swan song for Euskatel, what a pity!

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