Pro Cycling Calendar – Download and Update

Here’s the calendar for the 2013 season. You’ll find all the prime pro races in the world for men and women. This was first published last October. Since then races have been cancelled, others have been abbreviated or seen the dates change. Some of the dates on the UCI calendar were provisional and a few were wrong.

So if you downloaded the iCal file before be sure to get the latest edition as the calendar is regularly updated to reflect changes on the calendar. You can also subscribe so this is done automatically for you.

You can download the calendar for your organiser, phone, computer and other devices : inrng2013RaceCalendar.ics. Save the ics / iCal / iCalendar file and you can import it into your electronic diary. One or two clicks and it’s on your iPhone / Outlook etc.

You can use the URL or the Google Agenda link on the calendar above to subscribe. But this will depend on your computer, device and operating system. If not, just visit from time to time and see the “Calendar” link at the top of the page to download the file and then import it into your diary.

10 thoughts on “Pro Cycling Calendar – Download and Update”

  1. That is bloody BRILLIANT imported to my iPad calendar just click n hold the file select Open and select Add …. Excellent and Thankyou Monsieur Ring … it’s a must-have for the fan who has everything LOL

  2. Firstly, this is fantastic and I really appreciate it. I wanted to make that clear before my minor gripe.

    Is it possible to do a World Tour only version or something like that? Google Calendar often gives higher billing to tin pot races of little consequence and it can all seem a little cluttered. This means that big races aren’t really highlighted because there are a couple of races on every day of the year. Alternatively, could another user give me a way of removing the races in which I’m not interested?

      • Well, there’s that as well. I just wanted to do something about the ‘noise’ that comes with there being so many races.

        Anyway, like I said above, it’s a minor (and entirely selfish) gripe. It’s a really useful resource and I can always use it as a template to add my choice of races manually.

      • Didn’t need to add races manually, as it turned out. There was an option to copy them to my calendar, so it took about 10 minutes to go through everything, copying what I wanted to stand out, before deleting the Inrng calendar.

        Thanks again.

  3. Nice! This is good to have.

    One question (and one I kind of know the answer to, but would mind hearing opinions) is that now that the PRO calendar is so full, when do riders find the time to work on improving their weaknesses? I know racers have become more and more specialized, but with races going from January until October, when do they find a big slot to work on climbing or descending or time trialing?

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