Consumed – Giveaway Competition

I reviewed Jonathan Budd’s book “Consumed” last month. It’s an enjoyable read and if the fictional account is a dark and wild tale of cycling and more it amused me because the reality of cycling isn’t all that removed from some of the wacky characters and shady practices that Budd serves up.

But now there’s chance to swap fiction for reality and win a copy of the book, complete with a matching musette and T-shirt.

Question: name the rider who will finish last on Stage 17 of the Vuelta on Wednesday from Santander to Fuente Dé.

Cycling is an odd sport where the last rider can often be the bravest, soldiering on with injuries or hauling themselves over terrain unsuitable for their body type. The idea of the suffering rider is a theme in Budd’s book and so it’s a useful question to link the book and the race.

The rules: Remember it’s to pick who will finish last and not first. If nobody guesses right the next best pick wins. In the event of a tie the winner is chosen at random. All entries should be submitted before the stage finishes.

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  1. Danail Andonov
    Ps entering just for fun, I bought a copy when you reviewed it, I have not read it yet (keeping it to read on trip to the World’s)

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