Tour de France iCal

iCal Tour de France
You can now download summary details of the Tour de France for your electronic diary on a phone or computer: inrngTourDeFranceCalendar.ics.

There’s a simple listing for each day, for example on 18 July the diary says eg “Stage 16 Pau > Bagnères-de-Luchon 197 km”.

I produced the calendar after several people came to the site in search of a Tour calendar only to land on the page for the 2012 race calendar instead… which includes an iCal file for all men’s and women’s UCI-registered races.

Tech support
Over to you to incorporate it with whatever software you might use. Normally On a desktop or laptop computer the best way is to right-click on the file link above and save the .ics file. Then import the file to your electronic diary. With an iPhone just click on the link and select “Open in Calendar” when prompted and should get incorporated into your diary. One or two clicks and it’s on your phone / Outlook etc calendar.

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  1. Back in 1995 I spent the three TDF weeks in Andorra camping with my then girlfriend and training in the high mountains. No cell phone, no 3G broadband, no pad/pam nor television available so the only access to race info was riding past the Boulanger in a small town, around noon the next day, on my way back from my daily ride picking up a fresh copy of L´Equipe et un pain.

    Slowly extracting the articles from the paper written by old-style TDF journalists, while sitting in the high Pyrenees, was an absolute pleasure and the living isolated and only learn about the previous stages almost 24 H later was quit an experience back then, which is so fare away from standing in the middle of the information-high-way powering news 24/7 in our faces of today.

    (6 month later my then girlfriend turned in to be my wife – and still is).

    • Awesome story. Its funny to think about the lengths we used to have to go to follow our sport. Here in Texas I can remember stopping into the local bike shop almost daily during the tour where pieces of the races were relayed like a game of telephone. I heard this, I heard that, did you hear about the crash? It wasn’t until the winter when the VHS tapes came in the mail when we could actually watch the tour, usually while we were riding rollers in someones garage. These days when the online streams are really pixelated it reminds me of how frustrated I was back then at how poor the video quality was on the VHS tapes. Viva le tour

    • There is nothing like following the tour in L’Equipe. Staying in a tiny town in July 2010 during my only visit to France I would ride the house clunker to the next town, Pepieux, to pick up an issue every morning. Armed with college level French and a Larousse I devoured every issue. One article was devoted to how a rider (Hushovd, maybe) had pulled out a sprint victory because he had one more cog on his big ring than everyone else. I did get to see a few stages in person that year. Great memories. And don’t get me started on the boulangeries…!

  2. For some reason on my mac pro desktop it downloaded as inrngTourDeFranceCalender.ics.txt but I just removed the .txt ending and it worked fine. No problems on an iPhone, went straight on..

    Very useful, grateful as always for your outstanding efforts..

    • Thnaks for that Bill, I as struggling until I read your post. Sorted now. iCloud should send it to my phone (and my wife’s, I’m sure she’ll be thrilled!)

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