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Selle Italia factory

It’s not often Pippo Pozzato and I have something in common but you might have noticed the advert on the right meaning we’re both sponsored by Selle Italia. The Italian manufacturer is here for May and this is a note to say thanks in public for their support.

Although founded outside Milan in 1897, today the company is based in the Treviso area of Italy in a modern factor pictured above. I wrote about the concentration of cycling shoe makers in the region before (“Italy’s backwards shoemakers“) and Selle Italia is only a short walk from the Sidi and Gaerne factories as well as others. It makes sense when you think about it as early saddles and cycling shoes shared the same manufacturing tradition, namely leather goods that needed skill to shape and stitch the final product together.

Selle is Italian for “saddle” and along the way the company has provided seats for Merckx, Moser, Pantani and others.

I can’t find it now but recall a stat saying Selle Italia was the single largest user of titanium in Italy during the 1990s when their Flite model was launched with its titanium rails, impressively ahead of aviation companies like Piaggio, Fiat and Alenia. Now composite technology leads the way.

So thanks to Selle Italia for their support. Mille grazie.

Selle Italia

18 thoughts on “Thanks to Selle Italia”

  1. the Flite rules! but hopefully companies will get the custom saddle dialed in the near future. With all the sore arses and feet out there both shoes and saddles are well behind the times still offering us stock and half ass personalised products.

  2. Looks like they have re-introduced the beautiful 1980 “Selle Italia Turbo” model. It was a remarkable saddle. Bernard Hinault used it a lot and Miguel Indurain simply refused to use anything else.

  3. Some blogs have dozens of sponsor blocks… thank you for not doing this, the website is cleaner and loads quickly. It’s encouraging to see you align yourself with quality vendors rather than any old bike riff raff.

  4. As above INRNG – you are my go-to blog if I really want to know something new…

    And I’m pleased to say I’m the very happy user of a Selle Italia Max Flite Gel Team saddle (what a mouthful!) – glad to know I’m supporting a sponsor… 🙂

  5. Hey, I’ve been wondering – word on the web is that you are an industry insider, which is borne out by the stuff you post. So our of idle curiosity: do the Selle Italia guys or whoever sponsors you know who you are? And if so, does the risk of your identity coming out affect your ability to provide an independent voice in this blog?

    Tell me to STFU if this is none of my business (actually, I already know it is none of my business, but I’m curious. One of the things I like the most in your blog is the insider views you post, and this sort of links to that).

    • Unfortunately for this blog the anonymity has become somewhat disqualifying! The brilliant stuff on this site is presented in a likeable and extreme well written way, which by the way also shows the lack of quality in the “big” monopoly cycling news web sites.

      Come forward Mr. Inring – and raise your product to a higher level, I am sure there are financially backers waiting our there…

  6. Mille grazie is right!
    That’s music to this Selle Italia fans ears.

    The two saddles that always agreed with me, before the change to leather, were the Turbo and the Flite.
    Only the Original Flite will do. Very pleased it is available and will NEVER go away. (I know you’re reading Selle Italia friends) The only thing I’ll use for cyclocross though is the Original Flite. Light, solid and smooth lines all around. Can’t go wrong, for me anyway. The excuse I was looking for to replace the current one has arrived a little early. Regardless, mission accomplished. You won’t see my money until September though. ; ) Quicker if I can get a white perforated one. : ) No, serious. : |

    I still have the box from my first Flite purchase with the Concord-esque jet and saddle in the sky. A little hokey but so on the money for the time. Still makes sense. That one saddle is responsible for every modern minimalist shell design since. It broke new ground in a radical departure without losing a gram of style. I’m such a nerd.

    I acquired a Hinault signature suede like Turbo in a Pinarello purchase. Yes. I am a saddle nerd.
    It gets worse. I stumbled across a NOS turbo in the super cool yellow wedge box. Oooooohhh.

    Thanks again INRNG for all the great work and perspective. Special thanks for letting me ramble on about saddles(read: fish for my Holy Grail of saddles past blatantly).

    Keep the rubber side down.

  7. I “grew up” as a cyclist on Selle Italia products – so BRAVI to them for stepping up. While I now ride on (and count them as an official supplier) on SMP saddles, it’s great to see the support from Selle Italia. I popped off a note to my friends at SMP about taking up advertising spot next…nothing like some friendly business competition, eh? Off tomorrow to Cervinia to see what everyone is saying is the “start of the Giro” (finally). I’m hoping for sunny skies so I can slog up the climb on my bike rather than cower in the van or under an umbrella.

  8. Thanks Selle for helping Inner Ring do what he does! I’m not a big fan of advertising but I love the Pozzato ad on Eurosport at the moment, it really distils the essence of cycling into a few brief moments. Plus I’m a sucker for romanticism and beautiful scenery!

  9. Their Ti Flite was my first “real” saddle, I think I loved that saddle more than my bike of the time. If I ever find another one like it, it will go on my bike in a heartbeat. It is good to see you getting sponsors, I take it you only take one sponsor at a time?

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