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Tour de Suisse 1956
Before Hoogerland

In my absence this week I have queued up a few articles but for today I’m raking up the past.

The number of readers seems to go up and up so chances are that many of you have missed a few past pieces, especially from the early days of the blog. Much content is related to the news and results but there are some pieces that are still relevant today.

Here are a few links and summaries of past pieces:

  • The Lexicon: a list of foreign language words used in the sport, many are used by English-speaking fans. If you’ve ever wondered what grande boucle, poggio or dubbelslag mean, now is your chance.
  • Are bike reviews biased? This one generated quite a bit of debate. The premise was that tests with strict control protocols showed that the very best wine tasters are influenced by the label on the bottle, that they are biased and award famous wines better ratings. Could the sample apply to the apparently prestigous bike brands in reviews? And just how objective can a frame review be when it depends on tyre pressure, bike fit and other factors wholly unrelated to the frame?
  • The UCI and lessons from Africa: I’ve been critical of the UCI in the past but hopefully most of this is constructive although I gather some have taken it personally. With several of the McQuaid family in top jobs linked to the sport, my point is that the UCI could adopt simple measures to ensure any potential conflict of interest is handled with care.
  • The UCI’s finances made public: talking of the UCI, here’s quick glance at their published accounts. But instead of line items, some bullet points on the things that stand out.
  • Can a pro team be profitable? Here I look at team finances. Is it possible to create a team to win some big races and attract a sponsor and make money from this, can a team be a safe business. Or will some passionate sugar-daddy always go further than a prudent investor?

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  1. I, and I am sure many others, am thrilled at what I find on your Blog. You are building a fine body of considered and considerable writing on the sport etc.
    Am I missing some method to access your previous entries, by topic, rather than just date (archive)? Not only would I find it a great help in my reading it may even help stop me putting my foot in my mouth quite as quickly when I comment. Can you set up an Index for readers?

  2. Just a suggestion: now that you are putting advertising on your blog, you might want to change your RSS feed settings to display only an extract for each post. At the moment I can read the whole post in Google Reader without having to visit your blog and thus I don’t see the advert.

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