How to pronounce Jens Voigt

The pro peloton might just be a collection of gaunt men with short hair but it’s an international thing, with riders from all over the world and one aspect of this is a broad range of languages, accents and names.

Despite being a pro for 13 seasons now, Jens Voigt still sees his name massacred by the media. If you want to say it right – and maybe you don’t want to upset him – then try to pronounce it sort of like Yense Vorked. If that doesn’t make sense, press play below…

5 thoughts on “How to pronounce Jens Voigt”

  1. Actually from all of the Jens interviews I've seen, I only once saw him complain about his surname mispronounced. And even then he did it jokingly. It was like "You Danish (not sure if the reporter was Danish) always pronounce it like Yens Faakt, and its not like that!

    Out of respect for him, they should learn how to pronounce his last name!

  2. Thanks anonymous, I suppose I put the piece on here to help foreigners, mainly anglophones. Instead of "fogt", he is usually called "voyte" by British, American and Australians.

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