What happened next?

The Tour of Britain is riding through Wales. A fan stands by the roadside with a smartphone to record the moment and HTC-Highroad’s Bernhard Eisel rides past. Then something happens.

The clip has been doing the rounds on twitter but social media can be a bit of closed loop with everyone following each other so here’s a chance to see the video if you missed it.

The eagle-eyed will note that it’s none other than Alex Rasmussen who gets the support from Eisel. The Austrian is due to join Team Sky for 2012 and this sense of humour should help on long coach transfers.

10 thoughts on “What happened next?”

  1. Is this the same Rasmusen who missed three tests? Is he due to join Garmin (thursday’s post) or Sky(todays)?

    UCI needs to start reading its rules and start ruling on them in black and white. one word: Farce.

  2. Questions / Flammecast: “The Austrian is due to join Team Sky for 2012” means Eisel as he’s from Austria and Rasmussen is from Denmark.

    And yes it’s the same Rasmussen who missed three tests and was set to join Garmin but he’s not now.

  3. Okay, I’m not going to lie…I don’t really understand what’s happening in the video. Can someone please explain it to me? I see that Eisel is the one stopped, but who are the other riders? What is going on?


  4. Okay, never mind. For some reason, my mind could not grasp the fact that Rasmussen is an HTC rider. I kept looking for a Saxo Bank jersey. Got it.

    Funny how you always seem to answer your own question right after you ask the answer of someone else:)

  5. it’s just eisel having a laugh, getting off his bike to be a jeering fan for rasmussen and some sky boys on a hill after their days work is done (i always wonder what the bus is up to after hearing the funny stories like cav and black tape)

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