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Cadel Evans BMC

He’s discreet about it but Tour de France winner Cadel Evans does plenty of work behind the scenes to help charities. Things got visible when he was wearing pro Tibet t-shirts just before the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing but he’s done plenty more. Recently he auctioned off a bike for a school in Nepal and he’s done this on other occasions before, each time helping out a bit.

Now he’s putting his 2011 Tour de France bike up for raffle, this time to help a cerebral palsy charity in Australia that’s linked to a reader of this blog, Troy Upfield.

I appreciate this might be of more interest to Aussie readers more than others but it’s for a good cause and maybe you didn’t realise what Evans gets up in this spare time.

For more on the raffle, check out Troy’s blog.

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  1. Yep, raced in Giro Di Lombardia.

    A World Champion’s bike to be exact.

    Not bad for Fifty Bucks I reckon.

    Buy your ticket now people.

    Nice one Inner Ring…

  2. Get over it, El Gato! Cadel’s already clarified that he has no problem with Hushovd taking part in the 2012 Tour and riding for stage wins:

    “I think if there’s a team time trial or something he’s a great rider for that but he also comes to the team with the understanding that to win the Tour everybody in the team has to be dedicated to one cause, especially in the modern years where the teams are becoming so specialised in what they go for at the Tour…

    “To me, Thor is also someone who in his own right he can win stages, which also takes a bit of pressure off me. A guy as strong as that, when he is on your team, they are always very, very valuable.”

    BTW, thanks Inner Ring for the heads-up!

  3. I bought a ticket, great cause. I think the back story here is that Troy already won the bike (2010 model) and has immediately put it back up for auction with Cadels assistance (via his website etc). Its the bike that keeps on giving. If I win it, I might just auction it again too.

    @ dbaas –
    I’m pretty sure he only rode the Impec for show a couple of times this year, most of the time he was on the Team Machine as were most of the team. Something about the Impec being too stiff for a GT ride.

  4. Thanks PT for the insight on Cadel’s non-selection of the Impec. I’d been wonderig about that, as I was under the impression that the Impec was their heavy hitter. They definitely must have sunk some money into the equipment they are using to manufacture it, but it doesn’t seem like it’s getting much race exposure.

    Any more info in that area, Inrng?

  5. @jg

    I’ve heard a rumour that there were some production issues with the Impec which BMC are still ironing out. If you have a look at the BMC line-up on their website, the Impec isn’t listed under their road bike range. This probably explains why the pros aren’t riding it either, BMC probably gets more value from the pros riding bikes that are in the shops.

  6. If you take a look at the BMC website it has this nice video about the making of the Impec in this Swiss factory but reviews have said that it’s (both the factory and the Impec) not in production at the moment (hence why it’s not included in the BMC road bike line-up).

  7. Spot on Rob, the $ he’s raising goes towards his daughter and her mates’ school facilities, simply so they can have half the opportunity we all took for granted. Forget the concept of having to raise money just to send your daughter to a school, any school, and think about the fact that the family of a kid with CP like Lily needs $3,ooo for a specialised walking frame, etc. just to get around. Many don’t and their lives are vastly diminished and usually shortened as a result.

    Just a further back story, read about what else Cadel has done for Lily and her mates a while back see here. Just a random meeting at a BBQ down at Barwon Heads one day, Cadel & Chiara meet Troy and Lily and a few days a package turns up at Troy’s work, completely un-prompted…

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