Sunday housekeeping

A quick hello to all the new readers. Word seems to be spreading and there are more and more of you these days. I’m not really into chasing hits for the blog, instead the best thing is all the comment and emails from readers. I read each and every comment and try to reply and chip into the debates as much as I can. Note that if you want to leave a comment, it asks for your name and email but you can just put “anon” or whatever you like in these fields, you don’t have to supply personal details to take part.

Feel free to email as well, I’ll always reply to your messages; if you haven’t got a reply it’s 99% probable that I never got the message, it got flicked by the anti-spam filter. I’ve got a “to do” list of topics to cover that’s getting very long already so if you’ve sent in a suggestion and I’d said “yes, that’d be good”, it’s probably on the list.

Looking forward
I’ve got a couple of fun cards to play during the Tour de France, so stay tuned. One is perhaps of more interest for me than you but the other will be worthwhile if you want in-depth information during the race, whether to enhance your viewing or even help with fantasy cycling picks and betting. Stay tuned.

Looking back
If you’re new to the Inner Ring, then note the bonus audio track, a remix of the Beyond The Peloton soundtrack. Loads of people downloaded it when it came out but these days it’s dropped off the radio, so maybe it’s worth a shout again.

5 thoughts on “Sunday housekeeping”

  1. THANK YOU for posting that track!

    I’ve downloaded it for myself and forwarded the link to several other athletes that I coach who I know will appreciate it!

  2. I am a relatively recent reader and must say that INRNG posts are the most anticipated reads in my RSS reader. I often skim through other feeds but always leave INRNG posts until I know I have time to read them properly. Personal posts like this one help to make the blog special and engaging – thanks for all the hard work and bring on the TdF!

  3. I’ve only come across your blog in the last couple of months and appreciate the diversity of topics and insights – the SRAM ipo, the Giro, and clandestine epo.

    The analysis here is refreshing to say the least. Keep it up, as it has been.

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