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Neil Pryde Alize

A note of thanks to NeilPryde bikes for backing the Inner Ring. The name has long been famous amongst windsurfers and they’re bringing their expertise in carbon fibre and aerodynamics to the world of cycling with a new pair of carbon fibre frames, the Alize and Diablo. Click on the advert on the right to read more about them.

The last time I said thanks to an advertiser I think I got accusations of selling out by a couple of readers, although maybe other didn’t mind too much. Note I’m not making claims about their products nor surreptitiously name dropping them, just openly saying thanks. For me, it’s just polite to publicly acknowledge the support for which I’m very grateful.

12 thoughts on “Thanks to NeilPryde Bikes”

  1. Neil Pryde is a long time maker of top quality sail boards, etc. What’s the issue? Doesn’t turn me off reading here.

    Great blog mate…but I do think there’s a huge amount of hypocrisy when it comes to harping on about Green Edge.

    Everyone else is doing it, has done it for years, and when they do do it (ie. Cav moving to Sky) you don’t seem to apply the same judgement. I am yet to see one other team called on it by the media/blogs, not one has been named, yet you have identified Green Edge as doing it several times. So are we saying Green Edge is completely on its own here? If not, why not apply the same level of investigation and judgement?

    I know you’ll have a wry smile because someone has accused you of “anti-Sky” bias, whereas I see the “Sky can do no wrong” Brit bias here…my own view is that Wiggo might just be the most over-rated cyclist ever (probably a nice bloke, but suffers from a lack of critical review in his home media). His performance in the Dauphine is a classic case of being “March premier” in my parlance (winner of a meaningless race, when no one else is really trying, long before the big stuff).

    The rumour (surely what is is) about Green Edge rewarding potential riders for their points in 2011 is case in point. How does anyone know this is true, or if everyone else does the same?

    Maybe I’m just a bit touchy because I think a large reason for Pegasus’ still birth was conjecture and speculation (again, while other teams like Asatana or Riis’ team don’t suffer the same). Most of the Pro teams today are not that much advanced from the Roslotto ZG farce.

    Great blog though.

  2. No beef here, I also support your advertising strategy. While not ‘recommending’ the products they do all seem to be reasonably appropriate, to me at least, whether they be carbon frames, affordable bespoke wheels etc. And highlighting the change to the appearance of your blog using Dirk Hofman was sheer genius.

  3. Forget advertising, you need to float, with recent valuations inrng must surely be worth circa €4 billion. Get in contact with JP Morgan, Citi and Goldmans they will sort you out.

  4. “If anyone begrudges you making a penny or two off your hard work on our behalf they are idiots. Keep up the great work.”

    Here here.

    I actually appreciate the intros to advertisers – so far, they have been interesting companies about whom I have not previously been aware.

  5. Thanks Barry. I didn’t know about that case and have been to look it up. He was banned from 2008 until 2010 so he’s allowed back to race now. I don’t know what his attitude has been like, he’s not exactly been front page news so it’s hard to judge.

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