I got an email from a reader saying the Cavendish piece below wasn’t suitable for many readers at work. I agree.

It’s the first time I’d put a semi-nude pic on here and should have realised it could be sensitive for some. I’m all for a light-hearted tone at times and I suspect many readers were not concerned. But the point is that it could cause hassles for a few of you. I’ll aim to keep this blog “work safe“.

PS to the sender of the email, I tried to reply but my messages bounced back.

16 thoughts on “Housekeeping”

  1. Thanks for that clarification. I often read at work and had to do a quick Alt+Tab yesterday when that popped up on the screen! Very nice photo though.

  2. There was also a moment of panic when I scrolled down at work -MIght be hard to convince people that it really was a cycling blog, "no really, i promise."

  3. Well, you certainly picked an attractive person to illustrate your blog.

    Agree with anonymous, think that your addition of her to your bike blog keeps people honest.

    If you're reading it at work, and others are there, you are not working, so she is a good reminder that "someone is paying you while you're not working!" But of course you should book mark the blog to read later! 😉

  4. After a few years of my Wife thinking I spent all my free time online viewing cycling sites, she walked in while I was gazing at the Mark Cavendish Financial Advisor/Girlfriend story. Please find enclosed the pdf for my unplanned one night stay at the Hilton.

  5. I did intend the post partly as a comment on the British press, where the top-selling newspaper has a photo like the lower one every day (minus the gold bar) and that Cav is now becoming the mainstream British sports star. So some of you can always spin it as "media analysis".

  6. I'll be honest, it bothered me to open a cycling blog and find it. Please keep in mind that some of your readers are women, and are made uncomfortable by this.

    On another note. I enjoy your blog a lot and come here most days to get intelligent, thoughtful insights into professional cycling.

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