The Funky Chicken

I’d seen this before on a Danish website but couldn’t embed the video to share, finally a copy is available on Youtube. Now the world can watch disgraced Dane Michael Rasmussen stepping out in a celebrity dance show in Denmark, Vild Med Dans or Wild With Dance.

The opening crotch-shake is scary but amusing at the same time but the rest of the dance is well, a bit boring. I’ve never watched one of these celebrity dance shows before and from a novice eye, the Chicken looks more at ease on the bike. His moves look flat and unsynchronised and the whole performance lacks movement and fun.

Do sprinters dance better?
It’s all part of a campaign to restore his public image. Note Rasmussen isn’t the first cyclist to appear on one of these TV shows, Mario Cipollini – who else? – appeared on the Italian version. Maybe one day Mark Cavendish will have a go because he used to be a ballroom dancer before switching to cycling.

7 thoughts on “The Funky Chicken”

  1. It's entertaining but yes, he's not quite got the moves. I'm glad others think the same.

    If he wants to rehabilitate his public image he needs to be careful not to be seen as a joke figure.

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