Double Inner Ring

Readership is taking off exponentially at the moment and I just wanted to say thanks for the interest and to point out the way things work. Sorry if this is obvious or self-referential but here goes…

The Inner Ring is about opinion, comment and more, the blog here lets me examine issues, often current events in the headlines, but also to shine a light at things that don’t get looked at. You’ve probably picked that up already.

But there’s Twitter and if some of you use this, a clear majority don’t. Yet if you don’t have an account, note you can check in here to see the twitter feed on the right and it’s also possible to follow my tweets via RSS. Maybe Twitter isn’t for you but note that I tend to put out a lot of snap news. For example this evening:

  • Fabian Cancellara’s goal for 2011 is…Liège–Bastogne–Liège. He won’t ride Flanders or Roubaix.
  • Zomegnan opens the door for Riccò to ride 2011 Giro but slams it in Di Luca’s face. “Danilo ha fatto un grande sgarbo al Giro” says Giro boss

I don’t think you’ll have heard the news elsewhere, whether it’s Cancellara’s plans for next year or the fact that Riccò will be allowed to the ride the Giro whilst Di Luca could well be blocked. Without blowing my trumpet too loudly, I often seem to get news out before everyone else.

In summary the long stuff appears here but if you want your news fast, track the twitter feed. So both blog and twitter compliment each other but they have slightly different purposes, if you want the full package, keep an eye on both.

6 thoughts on “Double Inner Ring”

  1. Thanks anonymous it's always nice to get feedback from readers.

    But it's a blog, there's no advertising or other hallmarks of commercial website like editorial pressure. Maybe that might change one day but who knows?

  2. I run a blog, and it's damn hard to keep the posts coming regardless of how much you love the subject. So keep up the great work. Greatly appreciated!

  3. Thanks Paul.

    Two the two anonymous comments, Cancellara's news came from a leak of an upcoming interview in a French magazine. He has just won the "Vélo d'Or" prize and discussed his future with the magazine and I got wind of this before it's been published.

    He may well discuss things with his team but he's one of the most influential riders in the world, if he wants to do something then the team will swing behind him.

    Intriguingly the suggestion that he wants to lose three kilos and ride Liege suggests that whether he joins Team Luxembourg or BMC, he's aiming to eat the Schlecks brothers'/Evans lunch in April.

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