The Christmas Holiday Quiz

Saturday, 23 December 2017

A Christmas quiz with 40 questions. Some are obvious, some are odd, many can’t be Googled and a few are fiendish.

By all means have a go and there’s a token prize for the winner but some of the questions are posed because the answers should set up some interesting discussion points.

1. Dressed in red and white he makes his way through the snow. It’s not Santa so name the famous Faema rider in the picture above.

2. Name any of the two helpers pictured below:

3. Can you name the rider below who went on to become a team manager?

That Was The Year That Was
4. Who won the UCI World Tour rankings?

5. Bahrain-Merida’s Luka Pibernik didn’t win anything or get a top-10 this year. What was he famous for instead?

6. Who was lanterne rouge in the Tour de France?

7. Name a new race on the pro calendar in 2017.

8. Name a race that vanished in 2017 (either not happening or held for the last time).

9. Which pro in the World Tour raced the most in 2017?

10. Who’s he (and why is he smiling)?


11. Eddy Merckx and Raymond Poulidor pose with ex-tennis player Justine Henin. Merckx won almost everything going and Poulidor was famous for being the runner up but name a significant race where Merckx finished second to Poulidor.

12. Name the future pro above and name the future pro below.


13. What’s the significance of the location featured in the image above?

14. Why can’t you have a summit finish atop a mountain pass?

15. What was the highest altitude for a stage finish in the World Tour?

16. What is significance of this statue pictured below?

As seen on TV
17. This year every minute of every stage of the Tour de France was shown live on TV and with the pre and post live coverage there was a total of 115 hours of live coverage available in July. How many hours were shown live in 1975? (A guess to the nearest 10 hours is ok)

18. Which country has enshrined in law that Milan-Sanremo must be broadcast on free-to-air TV?

19. Who owns Eurosport?

Speak cycling?
20. Jarlinson Swamp, Stone Tower and Snowy Newcastle are possible literal translations into English of four World Tour rider names. What’s their real name?

21. “A property developer and organiser of boxing fights” was how L’Equipe described one new entrant into the sport of pro cycling in 1989. Who was this?

22. Name someone who did the dubbelslag in a race this year.

Chief Commissaire

23. Are all pro races subject to the Extreme Weather Protocol?

24. What is the maximum number of days a year a World Tour rider should race per year?

25. If a stage race opens with a team time trial (like Tirreno-Adriatico) how is the starting order determined?

26. What is the daily allowance for a UCI Commissaire at a World Tour race?

27. What’s the minimum wage for a 32 year old male World Tour rider?

28. What’s the minimum wage for a women’s World Tour rider?

Strictly business
29. What does team sponsor Sunweb do? What is Cofidis’s line of business? Can you buy a Katusha?

30. Which has the larger annual budget, Team Sky or WADA?

31. You’re the mayor of a small city. What will cost you more to host, the “big start” of a grand tour or the UCI road cycling world championships?

Picture round

32. Name the rider above

33. Which current pro might this be?

34. Name the race below:

The peloton’s got talent
35. Many pro riders have qualifications in other domains. Name the spring classics winner who spent time studying horticulture before turning pro?

36. Which Tour de France stage winner from last summer swapped a computing and information technology degree for the pro peloton?

37. Romain Bardet’s almost famous for his masters degree. Name an Ag2r La Mondiale team mate who has one too.

38. Can you name the Vuelta stage winner from this year who has a black belt in judo too?

And finally
39. The Four Days of Dunkirk actually lasts six days. Name another race with a fictitious label.

40. What was the first ever mountain pass climbed by the Tour de France?

The Prize
This is a quiz rather an email address harvesting attempt hidden behind some facile questions but it’s not easy and nor is typing up all the answers. I don’t expect many to try and answer all 40 questions but if you want to have a go or maybe readers collectively crowdsource their way together, feel free to leave your answers in the comments below and the deadline is midday Euro Time on Wednesday 27 December. As an incentive the winner gets an INRNG supporter caps. The most correct answers wins and if there’s a tie then the first respondent to get there wins.

cdrc December 23, 2017 at 12:10 pm

Too easy for me. Yeah, I think I’m gonna pass this time…

Ecky Thump December 23, 2017 at 12:58 pm

I shan’t sully Inner Ring’s good name with that tax-dodging Silicon Valley conglomerate so, utilising all my extensive cycling knowledge, I can say :
12, Romain Bardet
13, Ronnie Corbett
13, (two, you’ve mis-numbered there IR) Starting place of first ever TdF
26, €100?
27, €60,000
28, two bob and a bag of chips? (won’t be much more, if any minimum at all)
30, Team Sky
32, Tea Bow Pinot (an IR favourite)
34, Ill Lumbar Deer

All the best Inner Ring and readers / cyclists. Thanks for a lot of laughs, and above all enjoyment.
Cycling Hero!

J Evans December 23, 2017 at 6:29 pm

‘Ronnie Corbett’. Chapeau.

Anonymous December 23, 2017 at 2:15 pm

I don’t know ANY of the answers!

Breban December 23, 2017 at 5:33 pm

Il y a deux questions 13

Mais sinon je vais m’y attaquer 😉 bon petit challenge.

Breban December 23, 2017 at 6:26 pm

1- Charly Gaul
2- Bartosz Huzarski
3- … je ne sais pas
4- Greg van Avermaet
5- Luka Pibernik célèbre sa victoire sur une étape du Giro alors qu’il reste un tour
6- Luke Rowe
7- Tour of Guangxi
8- PRO Ötztaler 5500
9- Matej Mohoric
10- Urbano Cairo, président du club de Torino FC, présent lors du dernier Giro
11- Paris Nice 72
12- Romain Bardet
13- Coryn Rivera
13 bis- C’est ici que le Tour de France a débuté, la première édition.
14- … je ne sais pas, cela m’étonne (Mont Ventoux ?)
15- 2780m 7ème étape du Tour de Suisse
16- … je ne sas pas
17- 10 étapes retransmises, je dirais donc 50 heures
18- … je ne sais pas
19- Discovery ?
20- Jarlinson Pantano, Pierre Latour, Mikel Nieve ?
21- … je ne sais pas
22- … je ne sais pas
23- Seulement les courses WT et HC
24- 145 ?
25- Un tirage au sort ?
26- 105 euros
27- 32000 euros ?
28- Il n’y a pas de minimum
29- Sunweb : camp de vacance ; Cofidis : crédit à la consommation ; Katusha : … je ne sais pas
30- Team Sky > WADA
31- UCI Road Cycling World Championship
32- Thibaut Pinot

Pas eu le temps de tout faire..

Anonymous December 23, 2017 at 6:11 pm

Thank you for putting this up! It’s been a great researching exercise on a quiet Christmas day. Obviously almost everything has had some level of research put into it, I won’t claim to have known more than a couple off-hand. There’s a few missed answers and a couple I know are wrong, but here goes:

1. Rik van Looy
2. Michael Kolar
3. Bjarne Riis
4. Greg can Avermaet
5. Celebrating a false win
6. Luke Rowe
7. Hammer Series
8. Tour of Beijing
9. Matej Mohoric/Pello Bilbao
10. Mauro Vegni (it’s not, but I haven’t got a better idea)
11. 1972 Paris Nice
12. Romain Bardet and Coryn Rivera
13. Reveil Martin – the starting place of the first tour
14. Why can’t you have a summit finish on a mountain pass? By definition it’s not a summit, but a valley between two summits?
15. Highest World Tour finish – 2,490 Alto Hoya De La Mora (Sierra Nevada/Vuelta a Espana Stage 15)
16. It’s a Pasiega cow on the 28% Los Machucos climb, Stage 17 of the Vuelta a Espana
17. 20
18. France
19. Discovery Channel
20. Jarlinson Pantano, Pierre La Tour, ? (and only three names are actually listed, not four per the question)
21. Donald Trump
22. Tom Dumoulin, Giro d’Italia
23. Only World Tour and HC events
24. Max number of race days per year for a WT rider?
25. Rule 2.6.024 – The starting order of team time trial stages shall be the inverse order of the general team classification, to the exception of the leader’s team which starts last. Where no such classification exists, the starting order shall be determined by drawing lots.
26. ? (max fee for a UCI WT commissaire)
27. €38,115
28. No minimum wage
29. Sunweb: Travel website. Cofidis: Loans (and other financial services). Katusha: Meaningless diminutive of Katherine.
30. Team Sky (GBP31.1M vs USD28.3M for WADA)
31. €7M license fee for the Worlds (Bergen) plus another €8M in running costs, vs £3.5M in Grand Depart bid costs and about £10M in running costs (Yorkshire), vs Dusseldorf (€4.4M in total costs). So the Worlds cost more to buy the license.
32. Thibaut Pinot
33. ?
34. Il Lombardia
35. Phillipe Gilbert
36. ?
37. Domenico Pozzovivo
38. ?
39. Paris-Tours (as it neither goes from Paris or to actually Tours)
40. Depends on the definition of propery, but the Col du Ballon d’Alsace in 1906 was the first officially in the TdF history (ignoring all the “hidden” climbs.)

David M December 23, 2017 at 6:12 pm

Ah nuts – that was me, not an Anon. A last-minute refresh to check if you’d fixed the duplicate-13s took away my details.

Anonymous December 23, 2017 at 6:18 pm

You just spoilt it for me, I reckon I would have cracked it by Easter!

Cycling Craze December 23, 2017 at 8:51 pm

My score was perfect.

tobydawq December 23, 2017 at 8:52 pm

2. I’m trying with Schillinger
4. Greg Van Avermaet
5. Thinking he won a stage in the Giro one lap too early.
7. Pro Ötztaler 5500
8. Pro Ötztaler 5500 🙂 Or Tour de la Méditerranéenne
12. Romain Bardet (left) and don’t know.
14. Lack of space.
15. 2700 something (Rettenbachferner)
17. 20
18. Italy?
19. Discovery
20. You mean three? Jarlinson Pantano, Pierre Latour and don’t know.
23. Yes
24. 85
25. By drawing of lots
29. Provide internet. Credit system. No.
30. Team Sky.
31. The WC.
39. Paris-Roubaix (starts in Compiègne).
40. Ballon d’Alsace.

ByronM December 23, 2017 at 9:38 pm

1. Going with Eddy Merckx
2. Maciej Bodnar
3.Possibly Lefevre
4. Van Avermaet
5. Giro early celebration
6. Luke Rowe
7. Tour of Gungxi
11. Paris-Nice
12. Bardet and Taylor Phinney
13. Tour first start in 1903
14. logistics
17. 45 hours
18. Italy
19. Discovery
20. Jarlinson Pantano, ?, ?
21. Donald Trump
22. Peter Sagan
23. No
25. lots
26. 160 euros
29 holidays, credit, sports clothes
30 Team Sky
31 World Champs
32Thibaut Pinot
33 Pierre Luc Perichon
34 Il Lombardia
35 Gilbert
36 Lillian Calmejane
37 Riblon
38 Yves Lampaert
39 Paris Roubaix

Ruvu December 24, 2017 at 9:38 am

Let’s give it a try

1 Charly Gaul
2 Salerno and Voss
3 Bernaudeau?
4 van Avermaet
5 Mistakenly celebrates winning stage five of Giro d’Italia
6 Luke Rowe
7 PRO Ötztaler 5500
8 La Méditerranéenne
9 Mohoric
10 Urbano Cairo
11 Paris – Nice 1972
12 Bardet and Rivera
13 First start of Tour stage in 1903
14 Because the top of a mountain pass is flat
15 2780 – Tiefenbachferner
16 Its on top of Los Machucos
17 15
18 France?
19 Discovery Communications
20 Jarlinson Pantano, Pierre Latour, Mikel Nieve
21 Manolo Saiz?
22 Fuglsang
23 No, only WT and HC
24 85
25 Reverse order of general team ranking
26 € 160
27 € 38.115
28 None
29 Sunweb: travel agency, Cofidis: bank, Katusha: no
30 SKY
31 Worlds
32 Thibault Pinot
33 Sander Armee
34 Il Lombardia
35 Gilbert
36 Kittel
37 Pozzovivo
38 Lampaert
39 Paris – Roubaix
40 The first was the col des Echarmeaux
The first major climb—the Ballon d’Alsace

Gokhan December 24, 2017 at 1:38 pm

Happy new year everyone!

1. Charly Gaul
2. Bartosz Huzarski
3. Patrick Lefevre?
4. Annemiek Van Vleuten and Greg van Avermaet
5. Early celebration in stage 5 Giro
6. Luke Rowe
7. Tour of Turkey
8. Tour of Qatar
10. President of Torino in 14th stage of Giro from Fausto Coppi’s hometown Castellana to Oropa.
Why is he smiling? because it’s fun
11. Paris – Nice 1972
12. Romain Bardet, Coryn Rivera
13. Start of the last stage of TDF 2017
14. Mountain passes are not summits.
15. La Vuelta. Alcalá la Real to Alto Hoya de la Mora, Sierra Nevada. 2510.
17. 15 hours?
18. Italy?
19. Discovery Communications
20. Jarlinson Pantano, ?, ?
21. Trump
22. Warren Barguil. TDF stages 13 & 18.
23. 2.2.029 bis The Extreme Weather Protocol shall be applied in UCI WorldTour and HC
events whenever extreme weather conditions, as per the Protocol, are forecast. All other road
cycling events are equally recommended to refer to the procedures set out in the
Extreme Weather Protocol when appropriate.
24. 90?
25. Reverse order in world tour rankings
27. € 36,300 as 32 yo neo pro is not possible
28. Min wage of the country or an amount set by it’s national federation
29. Cofidis- credits stuff. Sunweb travel stuff. Katusha a Russian rocket launcher from WWII. Don’t think they sell it.
30. Team Sky
31. Big start
32. Thibaut Pinot
33. Man looks like a distorted Carlos Betancur 🙂 Not sure about the fish
34. Il Lombardia
37. Domenico Pozzovivo
38. Yves Lampaert
39. Amstel Gold Race is not a race for gold Paris – Roubaix does not start from Paris.
40. Col du Tourmalet, 1910

Gokhan December 24, 2017 at 5:47 pm

33. Fish rider: Jelle Wallays. Fish: Walleye,Freshwater, Columbia river.

Paul R December 24, 2017 at 5:03 pm

20. Third name is Yuki Arashiro I think.

Tim December 24, 2017 at 6:05 pm

1. Charly Gaul
2. Maciej Bodnar
3. Jean-René Bernaudeau
4. Anna van der Breggen and Greg van Avermaet
5. Celebrating one lap early when the Giro d’Italia finished in Messina
6. Luke Rowe
7. Hammer series
8. Pro Ötztaler 5500
9. Matej Mohoric
10. –
11. Paris – Nice
12. Romain Bardet & Coryn Rivera
13. The first Tour de France started from that café
14. Logistics?
15. 2780 meter (Tiefenbachferner, Tour de Suisse)
16. It’s the statue on top of the fearsome Alto de los Machucos climb. It’s a Vasiego cow, if I’m not mistaken.
17. 40?
18. Italy
19. Discovery Channel
20. Jarlinson Pantano, Pierre Latour, Kasia Niewiadoma (worth a try)
21. Donald Trump
22. Tom Dumoulin, Jakob Fuglsang, Diego Ulissi, Kasia Niewiadoma and many more…
23. Only .HC and WT
24. 100?
25. Draw.
26. –
27. 38.150
28. There isn’t a minimum wage.
29. Holidays, bank, and yes, you can buy a Katusha iirc.
30. Sky
31. World Championships
32. Thibaut Pinot
33. Lawson Haddock (I’ll leave myself out)
34. Il Lombardia
35. Kwiatkowski? With such a name…
36. Marcel Kittel
37. Pozzovivo has one in economics iirc
38. Gent – Wevelgem (started in Deinze)
39. Yves Lampaert
40. Col des Echarmeaux

Tim December 24, 2017 at 6:06 pm

And 38 of course has to be 39. Stop the clock.

RQS December 27, 2017 at 1:38 pm

Isn’t it three days of de panne, which takes place over four days. Although the others e.g. Paris-Roubaix do not run the same path any longer, they did used to start in the named location at some point.

tony December 24, 2017 at 7:12 pm

33 is Kyle Zander – spent too much time fishing instead of studying in my youth.

Kit December 25, 2017 at 2:03 am

Thoroughly enjoyed this, thank you!

1. Charly Gaul
2. Maciej Bodnar
3. That must be Marc Madiot’s hair
4. Greg van Avermaet
5. Celebrated on the penultimate lap thinking he’d won
6. Luke Rowe
7. The Hammer Series
8. Tour of Qatar
9. Matej Mohoric
10. Urbano Cairo – I can only imagine he’s happy to be away from football, where his arch-rivals would beat his club’s cherished Serie A record a day later.
11. 1972 Paris-Nice
12. Romain Bardet (above left) Coryn Rivera (below)
13. 1903, first ever Tour de France started at Reveil Matin in Montgeron
14. A lack of space, not to mention the logistical issues with closing a route ‘to’ somewhere..?
15. Stage 7 of the Tour de Suisse, the Rettenbach Glacier road.
16. It’s at the end of Los Machucos, the madly-steep climb in this year’s Vuelta.
17. 25 hours
18. Belgium
19. Discovery Channel
20. Jarlinson Pantano, Pierre Latour, Mikel Nieve (?)
21. Donald Trump(?)
22. Nairo Quintana, on the Blockhaus climb, won stage and maglia rosa (albeit just for a day)
23. Only WorldTour and HC events require it.
24. 85
25. Drawing lots
26. 160 EUR
27. 36000 EUR (in 2017) 38,115 (in 2018)
28. No minimum stipulated although local law will apply.
29. Sunweb are a tour operator; Cofidis offers consumer loans; Katusha (‘Katy’) comes from the folk song. You can buy records of the song, but not the music rights I daresay, nor of course anybody with the name. It isn’t the rocket launcher.
30. Ominously, Team Sky
31. The Worlds theoretically cost more (in license) but it will vary from place to place
32. tea-bow pinot (Thibaut Pinot)
33. That’s a Walleye, so Jelle Wallays
34. Ill lumbar deer, la gara delle foglie morte (Il Lombardia)
35. Philippe Gilbert has a diploma in horticulture
36. Marcel Kittel
37. “Doctor” Domenico Pozzovivo
38. Yves Lampaert
39. Paris-Roubaix, Paris-Tours, Paris-Nice and Paris-Camembert don’t start in Paris (at least not in 2017).
40. First ‘col’ of the name in 1903 TdF was Le col des Echarmeaux, followed by Le col de la République which surely counts at 1161m

RQS December 27, 2017 at 1:41 pm

Isn’t number 14 the fact that a pass is the lowest point on which you can go over a mountain, while a summit is the highest point on the mountain. So by its very nature you’ll never have a summit finish.

ChuckD December 25, 2017 at 4:44 am

Only one I got (in spite of putting in a full 4 minutes of work, so overwhelmed was I) was #21, only because I was there, and because it so neatly matches our current president’s only skills.

Arjen Dijkstra December 25, 2017 at 9:17 am

1. Charly Gaul
2. Bodnar
3. Marc Madiot
4. Van Avermaet
5. Mistakenly thinking he’d won a Giro stage
6. Luke Rowe
7. Tour of Guangxi
8. Tour de San Luis
9. Mahoric
10. Urbano Cairo – it’s taken during his first Giro as chairman of RCS, the owners of the race.
11. TdF stage to Pla d’Adet, 1974
12. Bardet & Coryn Rivera
13. Montegron – first Tour start was from café le Reveil-Matin
14. Because it would cause too much traffic problems and there is not enough parking space.
15. Rettenbachgletscher, Tour de Suisse, stage 7
16. Monument for the Pasiega cow, on top of Los Machucos, where stage 17 of the Vuelta finished (and where Froome got breathing problems which he solved the next day).
17. Dutch TV: 20 minutes per day, over 25 days: 8 hours and 20 minutes>> 10 hours.
18. Belgium
19. Discovery Communications
20. Jarlinson Pantano, Piere Latour, Nieve; 4th Newcastle?
21. Donald Trump
22. Tom Dumoulin, Stage 10 of the Giro
23. No.
24. 85, but they are allowed after explanation (45 riders raced more than 85 days).
25. Draw
26. €160
27. €36.000
28. None
29. Sunweb: Holidays; Cofidis: Bank; Katusha: I can’t, since civilians aren’t allowed to have rocket launchers.
30. Sky (£31 Sky vs. $28 WADA for 2016)
31. World Championships
32. Thibaut Pinot
33. Snoekbaars …
34. Il Lombardia
35. Gilbert
36. Kittel
37. Pozzovivo
38. Lampaert
39. Tour of Langkawi
40. Col de Echarmeaux

Arjen Dijkstra December 25, 2017 at 9:19 am

17. should be 0: there was no live television of the 1975 TdF

Al December 25, 2017 at 2:31 pm

3. Bernard Thevenet

Sonja Neteu December 26, 2017 at 7:28 pm

1. Charly Gaul during Merano-Monte Bondone stage at Il Giro 1956.
2. Bartosz Huzarski (BOH) guides Sam Bennett (BOH) during 5th stage at Tirreno – Adriatico 2015
3. Bernard Thévenet
4. Men’s Individual Ranking: Greg VAN AVERMAET (BMC) 3 582 points
Men’s Team Ranking: TEAM SKY 12 806 points
Women’s Individual WorldTour Ranking: Anna VAN DER BREGGEN (DLT) 1 016 points
Women’s Team Ranking: BOELS DOLMANS CYCLING TEAM (DLT) 3 273 points
5. Pibernik was convinced that he had won the 5th stage of the Giro and he lifted his arms as a sign of triumph on the finish line. A problem, there was still one more lap to go…
6. 167th Rowe Luke (SKY) +4:35:5
7. Gree-Tour of Guangxi (CHN)
8. Tour of Qatar (QAT)
9. The Slovenian Matej Mohorič (UAD): 15 537 km in 95 days
10. Urbano Cairo is the Chairman of RCS MediaGroup, Giro d’Italia organizer, and Torino FC. He gives the departure of the stage at Castellania, Fausto Coppi’s birthplace.
11. Paris-Nice 1972. Poulidor did a dubbelslag by winning the final time trial and finishing six seconds ahead of Merckx in the GC.
12. Above: Romain Bardet with his teammates Bastien César and Antoine Caillaud (club Vélo sport brivadois, 2008)
Below: Coryn Rivera (Redlands Classic, 2003)
13. In 1903, the first Tour de France started in front of the café “le Réveil Matin” in Montgeron
14. There wouldn’t be room for the two banners
15. Stage 7 of the Tour de Suisse finished by the Tiefenbachferner Glacier above Sölden in Austria at 2 780m above sea level. Simon Špilak won the stage
16. It is the Monument to the Pasiega Cow, a local breed, in Alto de los Machucos, finish line of stage 17 of La Vuelta.
17. I estimate it was 20 hours because the last 20 kilometers of each stage were broadcast live.
18. France
19. Discovery Communications
20. Jarlinson Pantano, Pierre Latour and Yukiya Arashiro
21. Donald Trump
22. Jakob Fuglsang (AST) in the last stage of Critérium du Dauphiné (2.UWT)
Miguel Ángel López (AST ) in the last stage of Vuelta a Burgos (2.HC)
23. The Extreme Weather Protocol shall be applied in UCI WorldTour and HC events. All other road cycling events are equally recommended to refer to the procedures set out in the Extreme Weather Protocol when appropriate. (2.2.029 bis. UCI CYCLING REGULATIONS PART 2 ROAD RACES)
24. The maximum theoretical number of days of competition depends on the calendar. Really, the annual number of competition days and their planning are the team’s responsibility, taking into account the UCI regulations.
25. The starting order shall be determined by drawing lots.
26. €160
27. €38 115
28. There isn’t a minimum wage
29. Sunweb offers package holidays towards sun, winter sport and self-drive destinations
Cofidis (COmpagnie FInancière de DIStribution) is specialized in the consumer credit business.
I think a civilian can’t buy legally one Katusha. This is a multiple rocket launcher built by the Soviet Union in World War II
30. Sky. For 2016 Sky’s budget was £31,048,000 and WADA’s was USD 28,309,373
31. The budget of hosting the first three stages of Giro 2017 is set to reach an estimated €12 million. The initial budget for the Bergen 2017 world championships was approximately €16.7 million but ending up forking out €23.6m. So, the world championship will cost more
32. Thibaut Pinot
33. Sander Armée (LTS)
34. Il Lombardia
35. Philippe Gilbert (QST)
36. Marcel Kittel. He studied computer science while at Erfurt Sport School
37. Alexis Vuillermoz : Master Management Métiers de la banque et de l’assurance, IAE Perpignan.
38. Yves Lampaert
39. La Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali, actually lasts four days don’t a week. (For 2018: Colombia Oro y Paz – Gold and Peace ☺)
40. Le Col de la Républic during 2nd stage of 1903

CM December 27, 2017 at 8:59 am

Game over. I think Sonja knows her stuff.

AndersB December 27, 2017 at 9:08 am

3. Cyrille Guimard

Al December 27, 2017 at 11:09 pm

I thought 3 was Thevenet. Impossible to distinguish if it’s Guimard or Thevenet from the face. But the yellow gersey in the bag looks to be a Renault gersey. It’s got to be Guimard

The Inner Ring December 27, 2017 at 5:02 pm

Lots of good picks, impressive and more than I thought but nobody has got 100% yet. Answers tomorrow (Thursday).

Gird December 28, 2017 at 5:51 pm

2 Downing and Fuglsang
3 Johan Bruneel
4 Van Avermaet
5 Bahrainian native
6 Luke Rowe
7 Tour if Guinghai Lake
8 Tour of Beijing
9 Dylan Groenwagen
10 New UCI Chief David Lapartierre
11 Paris Nice
12 Romain Bardet, Coryn Rivera
14 logistics
15 3000M
17 zero
18 Italy
19 murdoch
20 pantano,
23 yes
24 100
25 local team and then UCI Team points
27 32,000
28 N/A
29 Holidays, Payday loans, no
30 Team Sky
31 100000
32 Tibault Pinot
35 Gilbert
36 Tommy Voeckeleur
39 de Panne
40 Galibier

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