Supporter Jerseys, Caps and Socks

Supporter jerseys, caps and socks and t-shirts are available from UK shop Prendas Ciclismo. The jerseys are made by Santini and the Prendas website has all the info with details on sizing and more.

Here are the direct links:

Caps are available in in black. To get your hands on one visit the shop. What you see is what you get, these are cotton caps made in Italy. The price is £7.50 (about $12 / €10) plus postage which depends on the destination.

INRNG socks

The INRNG supporter socks have arrived. They’re black and have a 75mm medium high cuff. They’re made in Italy from Coolmax and Lycra from Prendas Ciclismo at the price of £6.95 (about $11 / €9).

Cap in hand donation
The sales revenue is split between Prendas and me meaning if you buy a jersey you get some nice kit but also help keep the wheels turning here.

8 thoughts on “Supporter Jerseys, Caps and Socks”

  1. Dear INRNG Readers

    Thanks for your interest in the INRNG cap. We are big fans of the site, so it’s a delight to help out.

    After starting off with a INRNG CAP in 2014, we are proud to announce that an INRNG jersey along with matching arm warmers will be available to order from Prendas Ciclismo in early April.

    We are happy to delivery your items worldwide, so don’t worry if you are outside of the EU, we have plenty of customers in the far corners of the planet.

    Both the jersey and arm warmers will arrive on the same delivery from Santini, so if you want to be informed of their arrival, please enter your email address on either product page.



    Kind Regards

    Andy Storey
    Prendas Ciclismo

  2. I’ve got 3 caps, a Jersey and Arm Warmers, all quality kit that is unique.

    Proud to support a great site with some great looking gear (gilet? socks by 4Shaw?)

    The Bunk
    Sydney Australia

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