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A professor once joked that the exams for his university course always had the same questions, the difficulty for him and the students alike was that the answers kept changing. The story of the wealthy people in cycling is similar, many of same types remain, it’s just their fortunes vary. Following the team owners in Part I, now let’s look at those who own other assets in the sport…

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The Wealthiest People in Pro Cycling

Forget Peter Sagan and his reported €6 million a year salary, this is about those who are so wealthy they’re not salaried. The aim here isn’t to gawk at their cash but to observe where much of the money in the sport comes from and where these people want to go with their investments. In first of a two-part series, let’s look at the World Tour team owners and sponsors…

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UCI Rankings Explained

Peter Sagan pictured on his way to winning the green jersey… and an extra 120 UCI points. With team licences for 2020-2022 partially dependent on UCI rankings, points aren’t quite back in fashion but they’re bound to influence targets and tactics this season. What’s better, wining the Tour Down Under or placing fourth in the Giro or fifth in Tour de France? There’s no right or wrong answer but there is a correct reply if it’s down to UCI points. Win the GC on Sunday for the Tour Down Under and a rider will collect 500 UCI ranking points, more than a rider gets for fourth in the GC in the Giro or fifth in the Tour and a good reason among others why Richie Porte still targets the Tour Down Under. Here’s a closer look at the UCI rankings.

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Pro Team Sponsors

With the new season underway do you know your Sunweb from your Sky, your Michelton from your Movistar? Do you know what the EF in EF Education First stands for? No, this isn’t a trick question, the answer’s below and you can also learn what CCC means as well as an explainer for all the 18 World teams for 2019.

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Tour Down Under Preview

The new kits have been unveiled, the kangaroos have been cuddled and the criterium completed. Now it’s time to start the season proper. This year’s Tour Down Under route isn’t new but it is improved, the Corkscrew climb is back and the Willunga Hill stage on Sunday is the final moment of the race. Here’s a look at the route, contenders, TV timings, coverage and more.

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Paris-Nice Route 2019 Route

The route of the 2019 Paris-Nice race was unveiled today and the race from 10-17 March is less than 60 days away. It’s been a thriller in recent years, a highlight of the last few seasons and here’s a closer look at this year’s course.

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