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FDJ-Unibet Sponsor Merger

La Française des Jeux, the French lottery and gambling company, has launched a takeover of Kindred, a Swedish gambling company. No, you haven’t opened the Financial Times or Bloomberg, there’s a cycling story here. La Française des Jeux is FDJ, co-owner of the Groupama-FDJ team while Kindred is better known to many as the bookmaker Unibet, title sponsor of TDT-Unibet, the Dutch team. Only cycling’s rules don’t allow one company to own two teams so this spells trouble for one of them.

As we’ll see there can be ways around it but while their sponsors try to merge, it’s down to both team managers to resolve, separately of course.

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Tour Done Under 15 Minutes

The Tour Down Under was enjoyable but it was over in a flash. I enjoy it, it’s literally the only race I’ll get out of bed to watch. But it’s also the same race where I know I can be back in bed in 15 minutes, post-race interviews and on-screen top-10 results included. This year was no exception. Can we have some more please?

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UCI Points And Rankings Tables

Here are the tables showing how many UCI points are available in each road race. It’s not riveting but normally if you want to know how many points are on offer then you visit the UCI website, find the rules page, download the right PDF rulebook and scroll past 70 pages for the tables. Here they’re all on one page.

Last year saw big changes to the scales with the grand tours, monuments and world championships becoming even more lucrative. This year and in the coming seasons the difference is the participation rules, which Pro Team qualifies for what.

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Riders To Watch in 2024

Ten riders to watch during the course of the year. Some are picked as rising talents, others will be very familiar but are still interesting to watch and some. As ever the hard pick is picking ten riders from a World Tour peloton of over 500 and the same exercise every lunchtime this month could see all sorts picked but here’s your ten…

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2024 Pro Cycling Calendar

Happy New Year, it’s 2024, an Olympic Year and they seem to come around quickly. The Tour Down Under is just days away.

Here’s the pro cycling calendar for 2024, free to download for your diary or phone. It’s packed with all the men’s and women’s pro races. So whether you’re making plans for next season, want to visit a race, or just need book sofa time or block that “work meeting” at the same time as the final hour of the GP E3, here it is…

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