Alpine Dangers

I can’t be sure if it hasn’t happened yet but one thing to watch out for this season is the growing presence of street furniture in the Alps and Pyrenees in France. Each time I visit France I’ve always been struck by the landscaped roundabouts that wouldn’t look out of place in the Chelsea Flower … Read more

Bradley Wiggins: The Low Down

Look closely at the above image, click on it to zoom in. It was taken from the latest version of the excellent Vélo Magazine. It’s Brad Wiggins in profile during his pro career. Notice anything? Check out the head tube on his bikes, he is going from riding a frame the size of a farm … Read more

Cofidis and the Fax Machine

Whilst other teams give their riders iPhones and Blackberrys (Sky and Garmin respectively), not to mention Columbia-HTC having their own phones, here’s an interesting anecdote. Cofidis makes its riders buy a fax machine. Riders can email the team coach but a lot of employment-related stuff still comes by fax. Just in case you forgot, the … Read more


From Oman to France, many bike races are about promoting the area to tourists and business alike. Belgian races give images of muddy farm tracks, ugly brick buildings and foul weather. It’s hardly an advert for the county. For what it’s worth, Belgium is a wealthy country, not without its political problems but on average … Read more

Signs of Spring

Maybe it’s the early flowers appearing or the buds swelling on the trees. But for the discerning cyclist, there’s another form of greenery that marks the approach of spring: green sidewalls. Why are they green? Vittoria offer an “all-weather” tub. I’m skeptical about their advantage but the sidewalls are meant to offer extra grip, especially … Read more

Cycling Podcast Reviews Part III I’m in two minds about this podcast. Jeff Jones knows his cycle racing but the podcast doesn’t quite work yet. A chunk of the broadcast is spent going over past results and for the close followers of the sport this is redundant because we already know who’s won. If it’s going to be a … Read more

Giro d’Italia 2012

NEWSFLASH: the 2010 Giro d’Italia is to start in the well known Italian city of Washington DC. No, no and no. This is just wrong on every level:– Washington is not in Italy, it’s not even in Europe. You probably knew that.– the transfer is going to be a pig, the cyclists – rememeber them … Read more

Cycling Podcast Reviews Part II

NY Velocity The New York website does two pro racing pieces, a set piece monthly with Cyclesport magazine’s Ed Pickering and a regular conversation with evergreen US pro Michael Creed. Sometimes they bag an interview with another rider or two on top. But the main feature is the “Bickering with Pickering” podcast. It’s timed to … Read more

An air of spring

The joys of cyclingThere’s something joyous about those days when the thermometer jumps up a few degrees and you swap those thermal layers for lighter clothing I’ve been riding cocooned inside bib longs, overshoes, gloves and windproof jackets but yesterday was the warmest day of the year by some way. So it was just armwarmers, … Read more