Belgian government collapses

I’ve written before that tensions between French and Dutch speaking political parties has been on the rise. Now this has reached the point where the coalition government has collapsed, following mutual suspicion amongst several parties.

Nothing to do with cycling, this is just following up previous “out of competition” reports.

For more on this, see the succinct article from Britain’s Guardian newspaper.

This is part of a series on European life called “out of competition” where I try to show a few things that go beyond bike racing. For more items see the following:

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1 thought on “Belgian government collapses”

  1. Groundhog Day again? They have been nearly a year long without government before finally last year they worked out a coalition, and did anyone care? Nope, things went on working. Sure, there a large factions who'd love to see a split but it in the end it would be madness. They won't let it happen.

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