The Right Race, The Wrong Time?

Tour Down Under

It’s testimony to the Tour Down Under’s improved status that we’re no longer debating whether it’s a bike race or a glorified training camp. It’s a race and if you don’t find it compelling, no worries, it’s not compulsory to love the Tour Down Under any more that you should get excited by the GP de Montréal or the Tour of the Basque Country. But there’s a problem with this new found status as a serious race: it’s too early. The World Tour starts in January but vanishes in February.

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More from the Tour Down Under

More please The Tour Down Under is now the race that opens the season. For a brief moment Australia becomes the focus of the road cycling world. Many Europeans aren’t aware just how keen the Aussies are on cycling, at times the roads of the major cities early on a Sunday morning have just as … Read more

Armstrong won’t end his racing career in Australia

No, Lance Armstrong ended his racing career last July when he finished the Tour de France. Whilst he’s announced he’ll ride the Aussie Tour Down Under in early 2011 for me he won’t be there for the racing. Rann out of money? Indeed most of the bunch aren’t there for the racing either. For sure … Read more