Armstrong won’t end his racing career in Australia

No, Lance Armstrong ended his racing career last July when he finished the Tour de France. Whilst he’s announced he’ll ride the Aussie Tour Down Under in early 2011 for me he won’t be there for the racing.

Rann out of money?

Indeed most of the bunch aren’t there for the racing either. For sure it has its moments but by and large it’s a season-opening leg spinner, the chance for riders to get some miles in their legs – expenses paid – whilst under sunny skies.

Cynics would say Armstrong is going because he’s been offered a giant appearance fee. Most of us would get out of bed for this. Perhaps he’s also going to give some motivational speeches and to do some fund raising in Australia too. But either way, given the TDU is partly a training-event, Armstrong isn’t going for the racing. Whilst every rider, not to mention team staff and even the media will see the event as the prologue to the 2011, Armstrong will use it as his swan song.

It’s perhaps a shame. He showed glimpses of form in the Tour of Flanders and a lot of work is going into the Quiznos Pro Challenge race, essentially the Tour of Colorado. His presence in either race would be a more fitting way to bow out.

4 thoughts on “Armstrong won’t end his racing career in Australia”

  1. He may still ride the Quiznos Pro Challenge race, he said that it will be his pro race outside the US, not his last professional race.

  2. Good point Jack. Maybe the Quiznos appearance depends on negotiations?

    Money aside if he doesn't have some regular racing in his legs before Colorado, pr perhaps California, then he'll surely struggle in a hilly race.

    I gather news on the Federal investigation is due in December.

  3. I kinda enjoyed LA in the early years. Saw him race in Vancouver (Gastown Gran Prix) and he was a rocket – and 19ish I think. Enjoyed the first few tours, the "looks", etc. But as more stuff came out (not going to debate the "never tested positive stuff") and he finally retired I was like. Okay. This is good. Let's move on. Then he un-retired. He finished 3rd. Okay. Cool. Interesting. And then he came back again with his luck all "runn'd" out. Please, please LA. Just go away now. I need some new guys. Some new faces.

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