RadioShack rumours, an update

I wrote earlier this month that RadioShack could be up for sale, the retailing business and not its cycling team. But whilst the New York Post has a decent track record in flushing out takeover rumours, there’s been nothing so far. RadioShack announced its first quarter results this week, profits came in ahead of expectations. … Read more

Shack attack? Is Radioshack under threat?

Radioshack is the US electronics retailer that you probably as the backer for Lance Armstrong’s team. But like any big company, it operates in a competitive field and there’s now talk that the company could be a takeover target. Today’s New York Post says that the company could be for sale, with rival Best Buy … Read more

Le Tour teams: Prudhomme explains

So we know the teams who have been picked for the Tour. But why did Prudhomme take BMC? Well for ASO’s Race Director it was a “logical” choice. In an interview with L’Equipe (in French) he explains things. I’ll translate… Was the last spot between Cadel Evans’s team and the others?“As soon as Cadel Evans … Read more

Radioshack brings Armstrong out of hiding

I’ve written about the way US retailer Radioshack has no mention of Armstrong and Team Radioshack on its website. Despite signing a sponsorship deal nine months ago, one of the most marketable men in sport was almost in hiding. Later on I added an update mentioning that the company had been reading my words. Well … Read more

Where’s Team Radio Shack? Search Engine Fail (update)

I blogged last week about how Radio Shack doesn’t even mention its cycling team and Lance Armstrong on its website. Well maybe this will change? Because like many bloggers I keep an eye on who is reading and one recent visitor to The Inner Ring was none other that Radioshack Corp. Here’s the screen grab … Read more

Where’s Team Radio Shack? Search Engine Fail

The image above is a screen grab from the website, click on it to enlarge it. When I use the website’s search function for “team radio shack” and use the “entire site” field, I get a vaguely relevant wristband and then the second option is a game for the Nintendo Wii. In fact if … Read more