12 Riders To Watch For 2014

Tony Martin

As the 2014 season approaches here is a selection of riders to watch for. I’ve picked six established riders who face different challenges in the new year and six young riders who could impress but first have to bunnyhop the chasm from amateur and pro.

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Riders to watch for 2011

With riders starting training camps and getting their new 2011 kit, who are the ones to watch out for next year? Here’s a selection of a few names, it is not so much an exhaustive list as a personal watchlist. Thibaut Pinot (left) is one to watch Sometimes riders can show something special, only to … Read more

Phinney leaves Radioshack

I am the future now Sometimes things can be obvious but you don’t say them. Maybe it’s because it’s polite not to point, other times just because it’s obvious. But that doesn’t mean you can’t say it. So here’s a reference on Twitter from user wesko: no one seems to be commenting on a talented … Read more

Phinney signs for BMC

Taylor Phinney doesn’t love Shack Following yesterday’s mention that Fabian Cancellara is hesitating between Team BMC and Team Luxembourg, BMC have announced the signing of wunderkind Taylor Phinney. The American rider doesn’t need an introduction these days, he’s proved a phenomenon on the track and road alike, winning kilo races and U-23 Paris-Roubaix alike. In … Read more


Stagiaire is French for intern. Like many prospective employers, the best way to judge if an employee is suitable to join the firm is to watch them in the workplace for a period of time, as opposed to an interview or a read of the CV. Cycling’s no different and now’s the time of year … Read more